Girl and the Sea

Haiii! Excited its friday already? WOOT!..I am. So, I’m back to tell you, Irie Campese will be releasing some cute stuff over at So Many Styles during the weekend, so I thought I’d put together a look, and give you a little sneak preview. Both shorts and red blouse are part of what she’ll be releasing. So Many Styles is probably one of the most diversed/versatile  stores in world and there’s no way you won’t find something you really love there. The blouse has one of my all time favourite features, which are puffy sleeves and it can work both as a blouse or a jacket. I opted as a jacket pairing it with Milk Motion’s ‘my sailor tank top’ (which I edited to be more fitting). The shorts I really love, from the puffy-like shape of cuffs to the belt detail, you can surely mix and match with a lot of things. Red white and blue were my options, so if that didn’t make you think of a sailorette/navy look, the hat will sure do it. Minor details 😉 Overall its a cute casual fun look and I hope you like it. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘shell snail lightbrown’ by JUNWAVE

Skin – ‘Melinda 4k’ by *Mayden Couture*

Hat – ‘sailor hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Jacket – ‘cute blouse red’ by {SMS}

Top – ‘My Sailor tanktop blue’ by Milk Motion

Brooch – (part of) ‘sailorette’ (blue) by Artilleri

Shorts – ‘poofy shorts blue’ by {SMS}

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders – clean white’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘nylon trainer white/blue’ (‘recent’ freebie) by [hoorenbeek]

8 thoughts on “Girl and the Sea

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    yoohooo… I lurveee this skin on you although you already know XD Makes you look all bright eyed and happeh! Plus those are some of my favorite hair ^^ so whoopeee… you look adorable!! Love the lil cap my dear 🙂

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Plum!! Me too, I love this little ‘blouse’/jacket. The details are really cute and it’s really versatile. ^^ ❤

    ohmyyy!! ❤ Haven't used this skin in such a long time, I almost forgot I had it. I really love it aswell, its fresh and cute. I'm also addicted to this hair, I kind of prefer it to the 'pop' version with wavy hair. Buns ftw!!! Thank you *salutes* 😉

    Haiii Emy!!! ^^ thank you and no, lol. I never change my shape for a skin. I didn't change eyes though they look different on this skin. Muahs!

  3. Lu Demonia says:

    oh and yeah for not changing the shape … same here … a skin fits sor not and if not … i don’t get it! 😉

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Lu!..and yes, I think the same way. It fits or it doesn’t…Skins already change how we look a LOT, so in my opinion changing shape for them would only contribute for an id crisis. Ehe, and I’ve had a few 😉 xoxo

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