Black and White . Cute and Sleek

YAY! I managed to come back again. I’ve been slightly busy with at least 3 projects going on at the same time (I’ll share with you when the time comes) and god knows how I’ve been going from one place an the other, and then hiding in my cocoon. However I don’t like to neglect blogging, my little place, ‘home’ even. So  I had the time to put some stuff together. I wanted to make somewhat of a connection between these two looks, basically in terms of colors, at least. One being a more kawaii-like the other a more sleek look. I just wanted to go a little ‘versatile’ wearing same things in both looks, or similar, and still put together two different looks. I’ve stated a million times how I absolutely *love* chapeau tres mignon hats, so when I saw abra’s awesome look with mickey’s hat and after Rinka kindly sending over this shirt I knew I wouldn’t resist it, I just had to wear both. On the second look, I wanted to be able to use the same/similar things as base, and do a more sleek look. Digit Darke’s newest release seemed perfect. It’s a whole long dress but I opted to just wear the shirt. The dress is quite beautiful though. So, same skirt, shoes and leggings..slightly different, for however you’re in the mood for. ❤ Uma




Details : (second – third)

Hair – ‘shell snail – black’ by JUNWAVE

Bolero -‘soraya bolero jumpsuit’ – (jacket and prim layer)’ by Ibizarre

Shirt – «Mickey T-shirt (undershirt layer)’ by..:: iPop ::..

Skirt – ‘skirt black high waist (shirt layer)’ by Emery

Leggings – ‘LEGGINGS/grayscale/socks/_3’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘ChiChi pumps – cream’ by Maitreya

Hat – ‘mickey death hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Warmers – ‘ArmWamers set of 3- black’ by Maitreya


Hair – ‘London Import – Black’ by (VW)

Hair bow – part of  ‘fashion pop black tones’ by (VW)

Top – ‘Subliminal Dress-B/W Undershirt’ by Digit Darkes

Skirt – ‘skirt black high waist (shirt layer)’ by Emery

Leggings – «Sculpt Legging White’ by M * A * ii * K * I

Shoes – ‘ChiChi pumps – cream’ by Maitreya

Necklace – ‘SW Necklace (gunmetal)’ by [ICoN]

Poses by Torrid Midnight . TorridWear*

Listening to yyy’s – HEADS WILL ROLL

8 thoughts on “Black and White . Cute and Sleek

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    Woooo…! Disney is in the air isn’t it? =D I can’t get enough srsly!!! I dunno what it is about this time but it just feels right. xD I like what you’ve done here with the hat, Megg is a genius as are you Miss Toast <3Luv, Abraaa

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    Whoohooo disney lurve! I so hearts both looks, black and white can be so mute and dull and somewhat overdone at times — but you did it perfectly. WIth quirkiness that only you have, I feel like I’m seeing tons of bright colors when I see this cause it makes me feel that way ^^ with only black and white chuU~~

    Love how endless your legs look in both looks 🙂 *hugs the busy bee* don’t tire yourself out too much!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahaha its DISNEY FEVER!!!..I seriously think so, there’s somewhat of a..relation with maybe summer vs, travelling, and probably kids involved and a trip to disney world! However, I’ve always liked vintage stuff, Rinka and Xavi’s shirt is like that, and so is megg’s hat. Bring the right cartoons back XD Loved your post Abra <3, wouldn't know about Mickey's hat if it wasn't for you ❤ muahs

    anyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ❤ awww, you always make me kind of speechless with your words because it's like you're reading my mind aswell…AND, that can be scary!..In this case, I didn't want to add any color to it, I had the vintagey/black and white cartoons in mind when I started the first look and had the second in mind, for a more understated still put together look. It's funny you point out the legs, most people think I'm a giant in world, which is not true, and I actually think they get slightly disappointed when seeing me 'oh you're this tiny person with thin legs uh?'…But I have the same response in rl, though not as tiny, and I couldn't care less, it's a matter of perspective LOl. ❤ U and nuuu, the stress has passed now it's all fun ❤

  4. ohmyohmai says:

    lolll esme said I’m in her brain the other time I guess I’m wriggling about in both of yours *jiggles brain juices* XD LOL! I totally get what you mean in a different context, people seeing me inworld are always, hey you’re not as tiny as I thought and i’m like nuuuu, I keep making myself shorter and I still end up towering over some people whaiiiissss….

  5. Anomilaya says:

    Hi, I recently came across your site by sheer coincidence while google image searching something. I was quite in awe upon what I had seen! I’ve heard about Second Life but don’t really know much about it since I’ve never tried it but I had no idea how customizable it could be.

    Far from the point though, I just wanted to say that I find your absolutely amazing and artistic creativity in styles VERY inspiring. Your styles really invoke a feeling of inspiring one to want to be more creatively expressive in their daily lives and what a great feeling it can give and how fun it can be. So thanks and keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more! ❤

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Suri. We can never go wrong with black and white, unless..we do. LOL. I think a ”vintage”(looking) piece, whether a leather jacket, a purse or…a mickey tshirt, mixed with other right pieces can definitely gain and give another ‘life’/expression to a whole outfit. Happy you liked it 😉

    chance, nostalgia XD ehe. Thank you ^^

    Hi and wow Anomilaya! Welcome!..First of all, yes, SL is definately ‘customazible’ as you say. Or at least *we* are. We can buy/change skins (which means our ‘face’/features and shape), and we can dress as we want. The ‘fashion industry’ in SL is as much powerful as in rl, and really has a big importance in sl economy. In order to dress, one needs to buy. Just as everything else. SL provided me with a chance of doing something I absolutely love and it’s translated from rl aswell, which is basically clothes/fashion and styling and sometimes successfully (others not much) make fashion meet with art. Or at least push the limits a little further both SL’s and mine, to be more creative. I’m excited to know of your curiosity about second life, I would totally advise you to come and see ;). I’m also extremely flattered by your words, and inspired by them. Thank you so much!!

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