Shopping list!!!

Haiii!!! ^^ So today I spent part of my afternoon rl shopping. Groceries and crap and yes, while I’m not organized in most anything in my life (both of them) I tend to make shopping lists. So I don’t buy more than I should or don’t get distracted with what I shouldn’t. Anyways, I decided to dress accordingly in sl. Loose is the word. Loose shirt, loose pants, cute updo and an ecologic ride ;). So my pixels decided to go on a shopping stroll my surprise I found these awwwwwwwwwwwwwesoooooooome things I wanted to share with you. *insert I haven’t seen this before so if you have don’t need to tell me, give me the satisfaction of thinking I found it by myself* Anyways, lol, you need to check K&D shop, I almost couldn’t resist any of the rides there. I bought the stylish shopping cart (which you see in pics below) and the Salamander. Whats cute about these is that both come with vehicles which you can ride, and while the shopping cart comes with a shopping basket (and a cute fall animation and groceries thrown everywhere+cart you can push around) the salamander comes with ‘folded’ ride backpack. OMG, how cute are these?..I’m a sucker for any kind of weird/cute ride and you definitely need to check this store out. The hair is DEJAVU’S new hair, (arigatou dango ❤ u) will be released today and its the cutest updo. You might need to edit it a bit, all you big heads out there (me included) but it’s an absolute keeper. ❤ Uma

shopping list three

shopping list two

shopping list one

Worn :

Hair – ‘MINT dark red brown’ by DEJAVU (will be released today)

Shirt – ‘Hemp – red’ by *ARAI*

Pants – ‘rollup loose denim (black)’ by *Untone Quilt*

Sneakers – ‘drunks’ (customizable) by UBU

Scarf – ‘RGY border’ by *booN

Accessories :


‘stylish Shopping cart’ (basket+cart vehicle)by [K&D]SHOP (dai lageos – creator)

‘GSalamander (folded in backpack+vehicle) by [K&D]SHOP (or check Kabuki ewing picks for lm)

10 thoughts on “Shopping list!!!

  1. Plum Pralou says:

    I keep seeing those dunks and I think I must buy them! 🙂

    I wish I looked so cute when I went out shopping 😛

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    ooooooo I love! Super tom boy looking and I just lurvee~~ All those little props are adorable and I love this shirt on yousss! Pretty!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aaaahhbra! ❤ If you didn't get it, get over there because I'm pretty sure you won't resist it. I've been riding the bike all day long (yesterday) the anims really rock!! Thank you babes ❤

    Aww, Plum you really need them, there's a zillion ways to custom these, if you're a sneaker fan there's no way you can live without these. 😉 tyy

    Tomo lols!! ❤ I'll make you some noodles yes?..XD or cook something weird and yums for you. ❤

    Rance ahah, yeah I pretty much imagine you with it, leave the backpack get a bike ❤ (its also color change) ^^ muahs

    Serene, iiiiiiih! XD

    GG, thank yoooouu! ❤ Omg, these jeans are awesomeeee, been waiting to see something like this in world, loose but just enough. ^^

    ohmamamai! \o/ I likes it too, its kawaii tomboy though, who says we can't wear boys shirts? The two pieces put together are just too cutes, happy you like it ❤

    Thank you Luthiennnn!!! the bike is my new fav accessory. I'm so happy I found this store, has really amazing stuff. Do check it out guys ❤

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