Look of the day . 18.05

spring lollita

spring lollita

More colors in a feminine, girly look. Less words 😉 Hope you like it ❤ Uma

What I’m wearing ?

Hair – ‘The Floe II . ‘blonde c’ by .:.Foam!.:.

Jacket – ‘open jacket’ by NINIKO

Top – ‘stripe shirt green’ by Dollita

Skirt – (part of) ‘*dotonp yellow – skirt pleats&belt’ by Oyakin

Shoes – ‘Coquette’ (scripted/color change) by Kalnins


6 thoughts on “Look of the day . 18.05

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ^^ Evie, there’s 1 or two more colors of these aswell. ❤ dollita!

    Abralita!! ^^ they’re sooooo cute, and and..there’s like 12 or so options of colors on these, really great deal…and I haven’t tried but I also think we can choose our own XD

    Alyson, I am pretty sure it has been done. LOL. Thank god inanimate objects aren’t capable of being jealous. I fall in love all the time 😉 xoxo

  2. Anessa Stine says:

    The shoes are completely customizable, they come with a dozen preset combos, but you can also change the soles, 2 leather colors and buckles individually – it’s endless fun… check my blog for more color combos too 🙂 – Great look Uma! (as always) ~Ness.

  3. Emy Aker says:

    I’m totally IN LOVE with the hairstyle (aaaaaaah!!) and the shoes (aaaaaaah!!) lol Uma is so beautiful and creative! Hehe xo xo lil’ miss sunshine! ❤

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