17 05 2009

Between  now and…hmm then, I found some minutes to come back and actually put some things together, god knows how hard it has been the last days, to think of clothes or actually change at all. I do not regret it though. This outfit isn’t really about this awesome dress (which i’ve had for a long time already and which i love) or the socks or the…Well, it is really about this awesome jacket from *Alg.* and this really cute bag from La Besace! Love both equally and they both can be mixed with whatever you really feel like, this is just an example and what I felt like wearing at the time, more like some fav pieces put together!❤ Uma


leather rush

Details :

Hair – ‘+*gl*+polo second + choco’ by Glitter Hair

Glasses – ‘aviator style glasses’ (scripted) by HOC

Jacket – ‘croco leather jacket’ by *Alg.*

Necklace – ‘bon bon necklace’ by Fishy Strawberry

Dress – ‘well loved dress – tope’ by (NO)

Shorts – ‘deim 3type set’ (comes with 3 kinds of pants) by Bellange

Socks – ‘kneesocks wool – bronzed’ by SYSY’s

Shoes – ‘girls biker boots brown’ by Redgrave

Bag – ‘brown pochette’ by [LB]

Listening to Radiohead – Reckoner



8 responses

17 05 2009
Luxe Helendale

ah Reckoner <333333.
love the look miss uma.🙂
i’m gonna check out that purse place asap!

17 05 2009
Abra Exonar

ohhh, Uma your bag is fantastic! I love how your necklace’s color perfect unites your dress and jacket. yay, you’re back =D <333

17 05 2009

I’ve been having a clothes block the last few days, it’s been hard trying to make an outfit, unless I buy something new obviously! I’m liking this outfit, especially the redgrave boots which I’ve had for weeks🙂 They look a lil bit too big for your legs tho! lol

18 05 2009
Uma Ceawlin

aww Thank you Luxie!!❤ La Belace has really cute bags, and matching shoes aswell. ^^

Abraaa❤ Yes, this is my favorite bag fro La Belace, but all are reaaaaaally awesome. The necklace was the last thing added and I’m glad you ‘noticed!! thank yoooou muahs!

Evie, me too, slightly. I havent been able to think about clothes much, but I’m back, kind of!..Lol @ too big for my legs. I guess I need to gain some pounds?..XD

20 05 2009

UMA Hello,,

Love this look, I saw you at Paper Couture the other day, but was to shy to say HI you are so lovely and yes I am still watching your fashion styles and have to say still love them.


21 05 2009
Uma Ceawlin

Awww..never be shy to say hello!!..I was probably in ‘lala’ land (a.k.a thinking about putting something together)
Please do it next time, or I will!! ^^ and thank you so much Mercedes!

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