Thank you !

Miss me much?…Haiiii! 😉 Ok, as you’ve seen, the last few days I’ve been neglecting blog a bit, but there’s a legit reason. If you wondered where I’ve been, know that you can find me at Indie Rock for RFL! It started on wednesday and it’s lasting until tomorrow. So, I won’t be around here much. I can only multitask some. However the reason I’m here is because, SCD had a prom night and sadly enough I couldn’t be there. I won three (?) awards and I actually wouldn’t know of it if friends didn’t tell me. This is my way of thanking everyone Lol (including the ones I slipped some lindens under the table to vote for me :P).  Now, seriously I’m kidding. I don’t usually take things seriously and I’m really happy I don’t. I’m happy to have not changed a bit since I first joined sl, to not have engaged in any kind of drama since then, to not care about haters and really not take things for granted.  Happy for all the support and feedback from EVERYONE, from close friends and friends I’ve made along the way and fellow bloggers and designers. If you had doubts about my fashion sense, all doubts cleared with the outfit/picture that follows. lol ❀ Uma