Glitter Hair!

Today I had the pleasure to meet ADking Aeon, owner of Glitter Hair, one of my favorite hair stores, and we talked a little about my blog and her hair. The store has recently grown bigger and more awesome and is totally renewed. <3! ADking has put 8 (?) lucky boards with this amazing ponytail hair, each with a different hair color : black, brown, platinum, purple, pink, green ash, choco..omg, whats the last one? Anyways, I was waiting for my letter to come up when ADking walked in and that’s how we started talking/bonding. iine!!! She’s soooo sweet, nice and kind!! Arigatou ADking! While I was there, I also noticed this hair I haven’t seen before ‘polo second’ and I really fell in love with it (i cannot resist bangs), its a carefree updo with bangs and it’s realllyyy cute. All hairs are resizable by touch, textures amazing and perfectly made. Make sure you check the ‘new’ store!! ❤ Uma

glitter hair lucky chair

glitter hair polo second

1st pic :

all hairs shown you can get on lucky chairs/boards at Glitter Hair

2nd pic :

‘+*gl*+ – polo second+choco’ by Glitter hair

P.s. countdown for Indie Rock for rfl (starting today at 11am sl time woot!!)