Sushi Flower

A couple of days ago, I found this store (that maybe some of you might know?) at this random japanese sim that kind of caught my eye. Mostly because the skirts were really pretty and colorful and their textures really good. So I decided to get this one (part of a whole set though I’m not too keen of the rest) and keep it in my closet, I almost forgot about it! I’m in a colorful girly mood today so I felt like finally wearing it. I really like it so I decided to pick some of the colors on the skirt and put some things together. Sometimes clothes can really cheer you up, so if you’re in need of that, color is the right way to go.  Spring asks for it! On another note, indie Rock for relay for life is right here at our door, it’s starting tomorrow guys!!! It lasts from tomorrow (wednesday 13th) until sunday (may 17th)!..I really hope this year will be bigger and even better than the last, the sim is looking awesome, there’s a lot of designers contributing for rfl aswell (if you’re in the mood for shopping while contributing for a great cause) and music will be the bond that ties us all together. Some of the best djs (and clubs) in sl will be there, greeting you and bringing you THE tunes! I will also make a quick come back to djing, if things don’t go wrong lol, so write it down..and make sure you come! ❤ Uma

sushi flower


Details :

Hair – ‘blue velvet  *break of dawn*’ by clawtooth by clawtooth (lmtd edition  for rfl)

Top – ‘cole boatneck top coral’ by [W&B]

Skirt – (part of) ‘early spring red dress set’ (just skirt) by rily

Necklace – ‘stone mozaic bib necklace’ by p.c.

Belt – ‘leather belt’ tinted by (P-K)

Socks – ‘sculpted socks cornflower blue’ by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘aurora heels [luna]’ by >TRUTH<

Bag – ‘s bs : ibiza bag’ by stitch by stitch

Poses by *pretzel*

Listening to Kyle Andrews – Sushi

9 thoughts on “Sushi Flower

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    Uma! The flower print is lovely! Glad you are in a happy mood today! ❤
    Ooh, I’ll definitely go and support you guys at RFL! Just one question, where can I get a Uma fan club tee eh? XD

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook says:

    Great outfit – as always! I love that skirt and will definitely have to check out Rily. Can I just say I love the little color blocks you do on the side. Great idea.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ehe, thank you Eve!! ^^

    Tomooooo ❤ , yes, they’re really pretty, there’s different and more colorful skirt prints there, they’re really cute and…YAY FOR RFL! lol..<3 noooo, there’s no fan tshirts..should I make one real quick? XD muahs!!

    Hii Cajsa, 🙂 thank you!..Sometimes, when I’m not so lazy I like to add the color blocks, I think its helpful and cute, it gives us a great idea on how colors do match even when they’re not matchy. I’m glad you like it, and do check rily, the skirts are really worth it ^^

    Hi Julliette, and I agree, I love this hair. Bubbles Clawtooth has really made amazing hair, this one is a special color for indie rock for rfl event, and it’s totally worth it. Thank you!!

    Euni! One of my favorite tops ever, there’s a bunch of colors to choose from aswell and the boatneck is amazing ^^

  4. Emy Aker says:

    The colors are stunning, the details of the hair are wonderfull and everything’s perfectly treated. What else? (no I’m not G.Cloney LOL) xo xo ❤

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