*New* from Miel!

What’s better than waking up to awesome news? Miel has a new release in store and as usual it’s amazing. I am already a BIG  fan of Miel and Mika‘s work and I’m so happy to know they like what I do here. Thank you for sharing it with me!! ❤ Considering Miel is a totally new store I am amazed at their hard work and dedication on each item they create. This set is called ‘am tulip’ and it’s just perfect to mix and match with almost everything in our closet. The tops, as usual come with diferent options, with and without pocket and with and without prim flowers. There’s also a flowery headband and frilly skirt and belt, (everything resizable by script) and there is 3 colors to choose from : Vino, Champagne and licorice. Everything is just…YUMS! I decided to make a whole outfit with Miel ‘am tulip‘ set and the other two are a mix and match of Miel’s tops and other pieces in my closet. Hope you like it and do check it out, ❤ Uma



Details (2nd pic)

Left outfit :

Hair – ‘pop’nGirl *brown*’ by (JUNWAVE)

Skin – ‘Lyla 01 – natural’ by Redgrave

Headband – ‘am tulip headband . champagne’ by Miel

Top – ‘am tulip prim shirt w/pocket & flowers . VINO’ by Miel

Belt – ‘am tulip belt . VINO’ by Miel

Skirt – ‘sculpted prim skirt – champagne’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘gold pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Center :

Hair – ‘glamour’ (old hunt freebie/no longer available) by Docomo

Headband – ‘am tulip headband . vino’ by Miel

Top – ‘am tulip prim shirt . no pocket champagne’ by Miel

Brooch – ‘cameo brooch’ by Pididdle

Skirt – ‘black jeans skirt’ by Sh*t Happens

Shoes – ‘sand bead sandals – pastal pink’ by *Kookie*

Right :

Hair – ‘pushed and shoved’ by (VW)

Headband – ‘am tulip headband . licorice’ by Miel

Top – ‘am tulip prim shirt . no pocket . licorice’ by Miel

Shorts – ‘surf couture rolled denim shorts black’ by [SC]

Boots – ‘cowgirl boots . beige’ by [hoorenbeek]

Bandaid by Domestic-V . kiss my knee bandaid

Poses by Luth . {flowey} . c’est la vie

9 thoughts on “*New* from Miel!

  1. mfoxley says:

    i got so excited when i logged in tonight & got the group headband.. SO CUTE! you’re right though, they really seem to be having a blast creating and it really shows in how awesome their work is. 🙂

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you gabby and oh how you need to, you’ll be surprised with Miel!! ^^

    Yay Emy, glad you like it, which one do you prefer? ^^ and everythings great thanks for caring!

    *pinches Ana’s cheek* XD but you know you can’t resist it, don’t blame me!! aha, muahs ❤

    Thank you abrazzzz and happy to see you’re back!! \o/

    mia! ..oh yeah I love love love the headbands aswell 😀 (i’m a hair accessory girl in both lives) and I love that they’re so dedicated, you said it better than I did, their attention to details and dedication really translates in each item, there is nothing in Miel that I don’t actually LOVE! yay for awesome designers!!

  3. Emy Aker says:

    My favorite one is the long hair in the center of the first pic, even if I’ve always loved the one on the left (of the same pic!) xo xo <3<3 😀

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I rarely wear that junwave hair, I must, more often since its soooo cute and volumous! I really like it aswell..love the buns and bangs XD ❤

  5. lyn pelazzi says:

    hey is hot i love it i prefer maitreya hair and the cowgirl boots from kiss store u should try posting clothes from kiss is kinda hot

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