Girly Cute and a little tease!

Hiii!! How are you in this amazingly hot tuesday? Well its rather warm here in portugal and I’m starting to remember how sometimes I curse summer days, for being so hot I mean. It’s that hot today. Ok, enough about the weather, today I’m feeling rather girly-like and I’ve put this outfit together which I actually loves. It’s simple but filled with layers and…mmm I also bring you a little tease, sneak preview of what Kookie Lemon is up to. I’m seriously drooling over these sandals, cause theyre that amazing. I actually own a similar pair to these in rl, with the metal studs/beads and I absolutely love them so I’m really excited about Kookie’s. They’ll be released soon \o/!..Also, Whippet & Buck have just opened their store and it’s filled with great clothes, casual, simple and pretty . I absolutely love the boatneck shirts and stein shorts and there’s a loooooot of colours to choose from. YAY! ❤ Uma



Kookie soon to be released

Details :

Hair – ‘Naughty . firebrick’ by =TEKUTEKU=

Skin – ‘bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Headband – (dot) ribbon holic set’ (scripted) by H+K

Tube top – ‘SoCal tube top plum’ by [Detour]

Shirt – ‘Margarida Blouse baby pink’ by [MG fashion]

top (under) – ‘Cole boatneck top peach’ by Whippet & Buck

Shorts – ”Stein Tailored shorts indigo’ by Whippet & Buck

Sandals – ‘Kookie sandals’ (soon to be released) by *Kookie*

Necklace – ‘Pearl Strand Necklace’ by P.C.


Haiiiii!…ok, today  I had the pleasure to meet Erzebeth Breslauer, the owner of *AVANTMELON*,  a store I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for her sweet knock on my door. The store just opened a few days ago, and it’s filled with kawaiiness. XD!..and I’m here to show you some. All things are hand drawn by Erze and all you can find there is priced under 100 lindonis (my loving name for our precious lindens) and pretty colorful! My favorite pieces are definately the flower shorts and shamrock jackets! There’s also one pair of the flower shorts (in blue) for free and they’re totally worth it. tp HERE and check out for yourself! ❤ Uma



Details :

(2nd pic . left to right)

Hair – ‘Laynie . champagne’ by Exile

Jacket – ‘Shamrock jacket *teal*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Shorts – ‘Flower shorts *green*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Socks – ‘LO socks green plaid’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Retro Pumps . chicory’ by *Untone Quilt*

Shades – ‘Recession street bargain glasses’ by &Bean


Hair – ‘Jade . champagne’ by Exile

Dress – ‘lollipop dress *brown*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Socks – ‘LO socks expresso’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Petanko cross . camel’ by [0N]


Hair – ‘Kyanna cheyanne brown pack’ by Exile

Jacket – ‘Shamrock jacket . flexy redrust*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Shorts – ‘flower shorts . maroon’ by *AVANTMELON*

Socks – ‘Mi Knee high maroon solid’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Petanko cross . camel’ by [0N]