Make you feel my love

From the moment
That we met
No doubt in my mind
Where you belong

poppy glow

paper couture

Paper Couture new line is obviously (and as usual) amazing. It’s not just about the clothes, not only about the beauty of each piece, but mostly because (at least I) consider each of them, a piece of art. Ever so dreamy and also inspiring, it’s impossible not to want it in our closets. Or even framed. Ehe. It inspired me to turn these pictures into ( unfortunately crappy) paintings but the intention is good. Also, Heather Beebe (from [Rockberry]) has a new skin on the way,  it’s called Uma \o/ and I absolutely LOVE IT (no I’m not being partial, lol).  Her generosity has no comparison, and there is 4 (free) skin tones on group notices for grabs. ❤

Hair – ‘ftn 683 hair blonde’ by *booN

Skin – ‘Uma'(light / group gift) by [Rockberry] ❤ Heather

Dress – ‘Poppy Glow’ by Paper Couture

Flower (head) – ‘Rose Flower – Orange’ by Artilleri

Eyelashes – ‘rhapsody lashes – peacock’ by [glow] studio

Listening to . Adele – Make you feel my love


4 thoughts on “Make you feel my love

  1. Tary Allen says:

    the pics are lovely Uma, I love Paper Couture creations and you made a beautifull portrait of them 🙂

  2. Phemie Alcott says:

    yayyy you look gorgeous. I actually cover that song Uma 🙂 Hey! I’m performing for your indie rock relay for life team on Wednesday the 13th. Yayyy.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    aww.thank you Tary!!..Paper Couture always inspires me..and I always dedicate a post to it. Glad you like it ^^

    YAY!! Phemie, I gotta hear it some time, and YAY for rfl!..I’ll be there 😉

    Merci Eve!..ehe, it is, one of many beautiful pieces on this new collection. ^^

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