Pink Squares

oh oh I in trouble?…*sings* !! This is part of the song I’m listening to so nevermind!..I am back! ❤ YAY!..and I’m in a seriously sick, PINK mood!..I’ve been wearing this fishy strawberry ‘candy pink’ hair for the last, mm, 16 hours and ordinary cap, so when omgwtf (from this is a fawn) sent me her latest hound skirts release,  I just couldn’t resist the pink one. At the same time, I ran off to *JetDoll* and grabbed the pink saddle shoes and voilá. Kawaii(ness!)!..Why not wear things in a different way, at least when I think of these kind of saddle shoes I relate them to a more rockabilly/50s  look but I just went for cute. Or so I think XD! Anyways, I’m still kinda lazy for this extended weekend and I feel I need to catch up, so who knows, I might come back again today! Muahs, ❤ Uma


pinksquares I

pink squares

Details :

Listening to I Was a Cub Scout – Pink Squares

Hair – ‘Huntress II – candy pink’ by *Fishy Strawberry*

Skin – ‘Morning Sun – Heavy brow’ by (fd)

Top – ‘Ebba tank top in white’ by MichaMi

Skirt – ‘Hound Skirt [Magenta]’ by This is a Fawn

Socks – ‘Silver prim socks’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘sculpted saddle shoes – pink’ by *JetDoll*

Accessories :

Cap – ‘Knit Watch Cap – pink’ (comes with a cool anim when you touch) by -ordinary-

Necklace – ‘Stockholm calling – uma’ by .::FabulouS:. (dango jewell)

Headphones – ‘plain headphones’ (color change) by *booN*

caramel apple – ‘RINGO-AME’ by *:.UchU.:*

Tattoo – ‘sacred tattoo’ by GoK

Poses by *TorridWear*

5 thoughts on “Pink Squares

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    *Hugs!* ❤ Welcome back!
    Nopez you aren’t in trouble! hahaz cause yay for pink! That hair is totally cute and the pink shade doesn’t look awful yay! That cap is totally awesome too!

    Ooh i see you have something else named after you 🙂 Uma necklace! <3<3

    Hahaz I notice you haven been addicted to your tats these past week O_O

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    YAY!! Thank you Tomo 😉 ..yeah, I rarely wear a pink hair, but all the shades on huntress II are amazzzzzzzing!..and I was in a pink mood lol. ❤
    XD…and yes, I have been addicted to my ink that bad?..:O muahs!

  3. petitelittlegirl pinklady says:

    Uma daaaaling this is awesome as usual but I can not find the Shiny Things socks anywhere – help the Petite please ….. ❤

    OH and how is the puppy? did you name him yet?

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ooooh they’re next to some short boots…I forgot the name. They’re supposed to be worn with them but look just as good without.
    Lol, my puppy’s not home yet, he’s coming on may 30th!!! I can’t wait, I’ll flickr him non stop XD

  5. Leaha Andel says:

    i need the makeup on the floor for my house…dont worry i will be in your box lata when u sign on….<3

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