‘Silvia’ by Elate!

Haiiiii…again!! Aren’t you ‘oh so sick’ of me already today?…well, I’m on a roll, and I am taking advantage of it while I can. This time I came back to show you, the latest release from Elate! I’m pretty sure we’re all very familiar with this store, but I have to say I’m totally in love with Kellie’s new dresses. They’re called ‘Silvia’, and they’re already up in store, do check them out. They’re so cute ..and as I have said many times before, I cannot resist stripes. Silvia dresses come in a big variety of colors though I chose the ‘sky’ one and mix and matched with a couple of things though it’s just amazing by itself with no pants or cover ups. ❤ Kellie for sharing these with me!!! ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Sasha bun – platine’ by (P-K)

Skin – ‘bird – sun drops’ by (fd)

Sunglasses – ‘Aviator blue sunglasses’ by Emery

Jacket (cover up) – ‘ATOLL silver cover up’ by ::eLDee::

Dress – ‘(SILVIA)’ sky’ by (Elate!)

Scarf – ‘Ebba scarf in beige’ by MichaMi (I am so amazed at each and every item Milla makes, just saying)

Pants (underpants layer) – ‘SATIN pants – ice’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘slinky stilletos – white’  by Maitreya

Bag – ‘GLEN Top Hendle bag – slategray’ by LeLutka

I couldn’t resist but edit some, on the first pic, however, on the second pic, apart from background, there is no editing at all. rawwww ❤ Uma

9 thoughts on “‘Silvia’ by Elate!

  1. Emy Aker says:

    /me colapses…
    OMG I’m totally in love with the blue and the rest of the look put together *o* This is one of my favorite looks by you <3<3 You totally rock Uma! 😀 ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    You know what I’m getting disappointed at? The fact people always have to think the worse of others. Listen ‘Luce’ , I have no idea who that japanese blogger is and I’m not stalking any others. I will however against my way of thinking explain to you the f**** logic of these outfits. First darling, Miel is a store a friend of mine told me on friday!!!..I went and visited and talked to the owner yesterday and yes, I BLOGGED IT BECAUSE I LIKED IT. Now the choice of hair, everyone that is in Glitter hair group got the same notice, about 9 new hairs released and it happened that I liked 2 hairs and blogged one of them. Coincidence? Have you stopped to think people like same things?…or it MIGHT HAPPEN?..Now I would like people to stop with the theory conspiracies. About Elate dress, I was given this dress by Kellie, yesterday (saturday), some time before I blogged it and seriously if you read this blog you WILL KNOW I don’t imitate anyone, I don’t get inspiration from others but Myself and designers. So..my answer to your question, is No, I didn’t get inspired by her. If you knew me at all you’d know how I hate blogging the same things as others, or spam the feed with same items, and if I saw it before, I wouldn’t blog it. Apart from fashionfeed, which I see, I don’t go around checking other blogs, or get inspiration from them at all. Ever. If it happened, that I saw something on feed, blogged by whomever and felt like wearing, I would have credited as I have done ocasionally.
    On a small note I could just delete your comment because I don’t want drama here and this is MY BLOG and my ‘territory’ and in another situation, that’s what I would do, but I decided your comment was so annoying (and insulting too), I had to reply. It’s these kind of comments that make me think, why should I even bother blogging…at all.

  3. stokki says:

    Yeah Uma, you pretty much said it. That comment is ridiculous and petty. No one can be 100% original all of the time, it’s impossible, unless you’re creating your own clothes/hair/skin/shape etc to blog and NOT give it to anyone else. Which is just ridiculous. Your explanation makes me giggle too…it seems both you and this Aibana are pretty ‘on-top’ of new stuff being released. I would think that would be more a reason to follow your posts. I dunno…don’t let it discourage you. Alot of people LOVE what you do and they would be sad if you stopped hehe. ❤ luv u

  4. kellieiwish says:

    The Silvia dress posted on the slmame blog was paired with a jacket and pants, but other than that I see no similarities between the two outfits. While both outfits are beautifully put together, I would never have thought one was inspired by the other. Both bloggers simply posted about the same new release dress. This happens all the time and it’s pretty ridiculous to assume one copied the other. Uma blogged these dresses because I sent them to her, not because she saw them on another blog. I stand behind you all the way, Uma. ❤

  5. Elisabeth Villiers says:

    Uma…you are 100% original and 100% creative and always super “on top of it”….first one there and all that. As we all know each blogger adds their own style to every piece….that is what makes it fun. If I only blogged pieces no one else had blogged I might not ever blog at all. Jeez…who could be expected to check every blog out there anyway????? No time left to shop or blog. lol

    Oh and btw…great outfit, love the sparkly jacket over the dress…that is the kind of touch you always do that makes your style so special.

    Anyway, you go girl! Like so many others, I ❤ ❤ ❤ your blog!

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Guys, I really appreciate the words and the fact you cared enough to say something and for knowing me at the very least, it means a lot to me!! ty stokki <3, and kellie ❤ for everything and Elisabeth for the support!!..*hugs you all* and posts again so this ‘drama’ can be part of the past grumpfs

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