turn me on with your electric feel

Lately I’ve been feeling like…I’m on a rollercoaster!..LOl, too many things happening at once and guess what, I’m sick of shopping. Yes, It’s true, lol, I never thought I’d say this but I am. So when Marie dropped these shirts on me, I was like, marry me marie. I’m making it public, lol. Marry me?…Seriously, these might be the best, most awesome shirts made in a while. Totally awesome!…I’ve put some *quick* outfits together, but the truth is, I won’t take these of for a long time. Love love love them! This time it’s not really about the outfits, it’s about the shirts, whether you wear them with jeans or skirts or even undies…<3 Uma

milk motion

milk motion awesomeness

Details :

(2nd pic – 1st outfit)

Hair – ‘Mary Kate (totally modded) – beach blonde’ by LeLutka

Shirt – ‘My loose tshirt diamonds’ – by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – ‘Tweed Half Pants (gray) – KALMIA labo.

Suspenders – ‘New School suspenders’ by {Kari}

Bag – ‘Laptop Bag – man’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Nylon Trainers white/blue’ (freebie) by [hoorenbeek]

Socks – ‘silver prim socks’ by Shiny Things

Brooch – ‘My brooch white’ by (Milk Motion)

Beret – (part of) ‘Sarah hair’ by *Muism*

(2nd outfit)

Hair – ‘Apple’ by Maitreya

Headphones – ‘plain headphones’ (color change)’ by *booN

Shirt – ‘My Loose tshirt Motel’ by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – (part of lagoon outfit) ‘lagoon short denim’ by bijou

Leggings – ‘Holey Leggings’ by *Kookie*

Boots – ‘Harvey boots’ by Tesla

(3rd outfit)

Hair – ‘Faye’ by Maitreya

Hat – ‘hat knitting thistle’ by LeLutka

Cardigan – ‘cardigan lace’ by *COCO*

Shirt – ‘My loose shirt cocade’ by (Milk Motion)

Pants – ‘Jeans classic f’ by Calypso Giano

Bracelet – ‘michelle cuffs II pink by miabella foxley‘ for LeLutka

Bag – ‘GLEN top hendle bag – indianred’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Silver Pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Listening to : Mgmt – ‘electric feel’

9 thoughts on “turn me on with your electric feel

  1. nilgiha says:

    very good reasons to offer marrying those tshirts are (I love my sentence structure..I hope all you do,too ;P) and uma, no matter what you wear you totally make them look fab and cute and etc (this etc. involves many other words-nice ones no doubt)

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    meh. not oficially..go buy a church!!! XD ❤

    katerina 😉 lol. zomg, I need to have one around, even if its virtual so I can survive waiting for my rl babay ❤

    farah!! thank you, I just noticed I didn’t credit, its part of Maitreya turtleneck sweater…in…whatever color that is lol. It’s just the gloves layer. 😉

    ahah, Not really Emy, just partnered with miss esme up there. Reasons unknown really!..and yes, these may be my favorite sl clothing item atm.

    Lol, nil you sound like yoda. XD that’s cute!!!..aww and thank you, and etc (insert more nice words about the awesome bug) 😉 ❤

  3. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    Uma! Your make the most simple stuff look fab! I love all of them.
    Hahaz… congrats (?) on partnering Esme! XD
    ROFL at your comment about nil sounding like yoda =P

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    thanks to hereto here I noticed you had commented tomomo 😦 which I didnt realize before. well…lol, I LOVE you anyways!

    Hereto, they’re in my latest post, 😛

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