turn me on with your electric feel

Lately I’ve been feeling like…I’m on a rollercoaster!..LOl, too many things happening at once and guess what, I’m sick of shopping. Yes, It’s true, lol, I never thought I’d say this but I am. So when Marie dropped these shirts on me, I was like, marry me marie. I’m making it public, lol. Marry me?…Seriously, these might be the best, most awesome shirts made in a while. Totally awesome!…I’ve put some *quick* outfits together, but the truth is, I won’t take these of for a long time. Love love love them! This time it’s not really about the outfits, it’s about the shirts, whether you wear them with jeans or skirts or even undies…<3 Uma

milk motion

milk motion awesomeness

Details :

(2nd pic – 1st outfit)

Hair – ‘Mary Kate (totally modded) – beach blonde’ by LeLutka

Shirt – ‘My loose tshirt diamonds’ – by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – ‘Tweed Half Pants (gray) – KALMIA labo.

Suspenders – ‘New School suspenders’ by {Kari}

Bag – ‘Laptop Bag – man’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Nylon Trainers white/blue’ (freebie) by [hoorenbeek]

Socks – ‘silver prim socks’ by Shiny Things

Brooch – ‘My brooch white’ by (Milk Motion)

Beret – (part of) ‘Sarah hair’ by *Muism*

(2nd outfit)

Hair – ‘Apple’ by Maitreya

Headphones – ‘plain headphones’ (color change)’ by *booN

Shirt – ‘My Loose tshirt Motel’ by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – (part of lagoon outfit) ‘lagoon short denim’ by bijou

Leggings – ‘Holey Leggings’ by *Kookie*

Boots – ‘Harvey boots’ by Tesla

(3rd outfit)

Hair – ‘Faye’ by Maitreya

Hat – ‘hat knitting thistle’ by LeLutka

Cardigan – ‘cardigan lace’ by *COCO*

Shirt – ‘My loose shirt cocade’ by (Milk Motion)

Pants – ‘Jeans classic f’ by Calypso Giano

Bracelet – ‘michelle cuffs II pink by miabella foxley‘ for LeLutka

Bag – ‘GLEN top hendle bag – indianred’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Silver Pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Listening to : Mgmt – ‘electric feel’


9 thoughts on “turn me on with your electric feel

  1. nilgiha says:

    very good reasons to offer marrying those tshirts are (I love my sentence structure..I hope all you do,too ;P) and uma, no matter what you wear you totally make them look fab and cute and etc (this etc. involves many other words-nice ones no doubt)

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    meh. not oficially..go buy a church!!! 😄 ❤

    katerina 😉 lol. zomg, I need to have one around, even if its virtual so I can survive waiting for my rl babay ❤

    farah!! thank you, I just noticed I didn’t credit, its part of Maitreya turtleneck sweater…in…whatever color that is lol. It’s just the gloves layer. 😉

    ahah, Not really Emy, just partnered with miss esme up there. Reasons unknown really!..and yes, these may be my favorite sl clothing item atm.

    Lol, nil you sound like yoda. 😄 that’s cute!!!..aww and thank you, and etc (insert more nice words about the awesome bug) 😉 ❤

  3. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    Uma! Your make the most simple stuff look fab! I love all of them.
    Hahaz… congrats (?) on partnering Esme! 😄
    ROFL at your comment about nil sounding like yoda =P

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    thanks to hereto here I noticed you had commented tomomo 😦 which I didnt realize before. well…lol, I LOVE you anyways!

    Hereto, they’re in my latest post, 😛

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