I have to thank Heather beebe, for I wouldn’t have as much fun and feel as inspired today if she hadn’t shared with us this awesome, AWESOME, ‘character skin’. If you watch the feeds, you probably already own it, if not, rush now, you must have it in your invo. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – Parallel hair – platinum’ by !AVZ!

Skin – ‘Character skin’ (free) by [ROCKBERRY]

Jacket – ‘Straight Jacket Surrealist’ by Kyoot

Top (under) – ‘SoCal Tube Top (white 2) by [Detour]

Skirt – ‘Shark Fin (white)’ by *Thimbles*

Shoes – ‘Slinky Stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Antlers – ‘Sika Antlers’ by *~*Illusions*~*

Tattoos – ‘arm feathers’ (gloves layer) for  Tiny Bird (free) (by Haver Cole)

‘Mechanic Tattoo’ (not free) by >Bitter Thorns<

Listening to Ready or Not (Aphrodite rmx dubplate)

8 thoughts on “Futura

  1. GG Sideshow says:

    I got this skin too but i’ve not been sure how to wear it yet
    this is a true inspiration 🙂

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    Lovvee the broken down poses — the doll like look, it’s just an overall really eccentric artistic shot. There’s elements of fantasy, of tech, like a mesh of everything hee…

    You look great in that skin! Loovee~~

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    So true farah, thats why I couldn’t say anything else but thank you on this post. It has truly been an inspiration! ❤

    aww GG, see the first second I tried it on i was like ‘wow..’ basically because I was in a black and white world and I didn’t want to get out of it. Truly amazing for pictures 🙂

    Emy ❤ thank youuu, merci !!!

    Tomoyo, it screamed high fashion!!..or at least in some artsy way, it did. ❤ ty

    Eve, cuckhold..as in cuckoos? wow..never heard of it. In my country horns are a sign of..well bad things, for instance when your husband or wife is unfaithful to you, ‘you wear the horns’. However because I have never took that seriously and because I have a strange fascination with deers I see in a very elegant, powerful (yet fragile) and royal way.

    Ohmyyy<3 you totally got me :O !!! and everything I wanted to portray without being too ‘lost in it..’ or too deep. That’s exactly where my mind was ❤ ❤

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