Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger



Details :

Hair – ‘o’ – onyx’ by (fd)

Skin – ‘Imani 01 [Nougat]’ by LAQ

Top – ‘Sailor Striped Moose top – peachypink’ by [aKai]

Skirt – ‘black high waist skirt’ by Emery

Shoes – ‘Flat Gladiator Sandals – pink’ by Aoharu

Earrings + Bracelet – ‘rattan set ‘ by ::69::

Bag – ‘Chloe bag #C’ by Emery

Necklace – ‘Chelsea gang bling (old freebie)’ by Mijn Boa

All poses by *TorridWear* – ‘fresh‘ pose set

7 thoughts on “Bubblegums

  1. Phemie Alcott says:

    seriously? could you get any more adorable? Mwah …Uma i love your looks. The hair, the purse, the shoes are awesome. Although i’m not a big fan of the big toe on the Aoharu sandals. lolz. But anyway what do i know. Keep up the fantastic blogging Uma. I ❤ Uma

  2. tatiannaparx says:

    i’m glad to see some crispy/latina/ethnic looking avi’s with style around… not enough of those. but i totally love this look and those new aoharu sandals are super fab. and that bag is surely to die for. i love your blog Uma, its a guilty pleasure. keep up your kawaii style!!

  3. tati says:

    this is super kawaiii. i lovelovelove those new gladiator sandals by aoharu, they look great with this outfit and the highwaist skirt with that gorgeous snake bag is a great touch. keep it up, i love your style!

  4. katerinalytton says:

    How come i dont like the shoes on me but i love them on you?? Hmm??? We were shopping together that day at Aoharu too 😀

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww Phemie, thank you so much for your words…and also, I’m pretty sure, if you get used to, you’ll love aoharu’s shoes. well, specifically ‘toe’ ones ❤ *squeezes you*

    Alexandria!..Wow…happy birthday??!! XD thank you, hope you had a great one! xoxo

    Awww dorraaaa!! XD you guys almost convincing me I *really* look good with this skin. Lyla has always been my *main* skin, but I surely am loving imani ❤ ty so much

    tati vs tati, same tati?…I am ‘latina’ if portuguese girls can be classified as latinas, they are, most often. Lol.. I don’t actually like the term though, as I don’t like most people that label things…I’m so happy you liked the outfit though, this was one of those I thought of everything from head to toe. XD and oh how I love these aoharu gladiators. They’re just too sweet. Especially in this color. thank you so much for your words ❤

    katerina, i could say, cause my feet are prettier?..Lmao, but we both know thats not possible, so it’s a matter of getting used to really look at our feet (in sl I mean)..and choose for the best ones. In this case I really ❤ aoharu, and I dont think there’s anyting wrong with them, as a matter of fact, it was quite simple to match the skin tone..and that made me 2 times a fan 🙂 and omg, were we?..next time say haiiii please!! xoxo

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