Looooooooving Kyoot’s new ”self absorbed” hair. It gave that special touch to this outfit which is ”simple” (in the bestest of ways) and chic and :O all brown. Damn. However the ”ethnic” look to the hair and the caramel/gold touches of both jewelry and bag/shoes really added to that discrete modern look of it. ❤ Saeya and thank you 😉 Absolute favorite. Also have been asked ‘no jackeeets’ its spring, hell, there you go. No jackets, nude arms and the cutest vest. This is part of an outfit from :Mashooka: , a store more oriented to indian wear but has some casuals aswell and I really thought this vest would look good with this. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Self absorbed – chestnut’ by Kyoot

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise Skin Vol.4’ by ..::MAI::..

Top (under) – ‘Well Loved Top – Tope’ by Nylon Outfitters

Vest – (part of) ‘Gilet Suit Emma {brown}’ by :Mashooka:

Skirt – ‘HighSkirt croc’ by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘AprilStars (caramel)’ by Zhao shoes

Necklace -‘Love Sex Magic’ by ::FabulouS::

Bangles – ‘<Fa> 4 bangles’ by Fetch

Bag – ‘ brown bag’ by (Lainee Baxton)

8 thoughts on “Ethnochic

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    I’ve mentioned this on another blog before hee, but I fear brown outfits so much cause I never know how to pull them off — you look stunning though. The texture on that skirt is incredible; I specially love the waist area. Such a sophisticated look w/o a jacket 😀 Although I think a cropped jacket with semi large sleeves (but not long O_O I have no clue how to describe it) would look amazing with it 😀 Work wear! hee

    That necklace is loveee~

  2. Eve Kazan says:

    /Eve Kazan think before to write a comment … 1sec … 2sec … 3sec DING !

    It’s ok , i can write something now 🙂

    Ouah Very nice Style 🙂

  3. Emy Aker says:

    You look so elegant! I love the way the hair suits you!
    The dress recalls me a dress by Cachet (one of last october’s collection)
    Don’t you? ^^ Xo xo lil Uma ❤

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ihih, though there aren’t much Gyo 😉 ❤ thank yooou!!

    ohmy, ironically enough, I’m afraid of brown in rl. I hardly ever wear something brown, well some brown touches probably but never full-brown, so I toooootally understand you. Ehe. I love this skirt aswell, Maitreya’s is probably the BEST high waisted skirt in sl, in my opinion, the belt part makes all the difference. I tried not to wear a jacket or complicate this look much but omg, my favorite piece is def. dango’s necklace. I ❤ her creations. muahs muahs!!

    XD Farah, thank youuu !!

    Eve, lol, I’m happy you didn’t take it so seriously as I haven’t aswell. Thanks.

    Aww Emy, thank you, also, love love love this hair, its almost like a modern ‘dreads’ hair, absolute favorite. Mmmm, I’m not recalling that dress but I might check my invo, lol, I probably own it. xoxo!!

  5. Tary Allen says:

    thats a great outfit, its a system skirt right (I’ve seen them at maitreya but never really looked twice).

    And now I’ll have to go and try that hair 🙂

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    oh yeah, its a system skirt, for which I have a different shape (basically less hips and butt), to make it look more harmonious. I hear some people say, I’ll never change my shape for skirts, but really you’re not ‘changing’ it, you’re just suiting it to make it fit and look as it would in rl. System skirts have an increased size to it that only by decreasing our hips makes it look as it should.
    So yes, it’s a system skirt, the top part is a resizable prim and the most thougtful detail ever. Lol, and here i was babbling non stop. Shuts up XD ❤ *..and this hair is the most adorables hairs evers made by saeya*

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