Haiii! Another friday and omg, did this week pass really fast. I could say this is my ‘look of the day’ disregarding the fact they’re two. Hardly anything is new here, however I felt like making another 2 outfits, with stuff I had in my closet and haven’t worn for some time. Tesla’s boots are a recent favorite and Tesla work always seems to surprise me, her skills are amazing as we all know, but its how she excells in everything she does, and how eclectic she is that really makes me :O. Always. Another new piece I’m wearing (in the second look) is, Irie Campese, soon to be released ‘maria’ tops. Really refreshing, and colorful as we’re accustomed to, with a touch of religious/folk art in them.  Symbolic fun. Love it. Hope you have a great weekend ❤ Uma

casual one

casual II

Details :

Hair – ‘bang bang – Snickers (straight bangs)’ by !lamb

Hat – ‘Homburg Hat – corduroy’ by Apollon

Glasses – ‘Machimo sunglasses – gold’ by Armidi

Jacket and shirt – ‘Naomie Barley tee and jacket’ by [CoL]

Scarf – ‘Knitted scarf (wheat n’ colors)’ by !tb

Belt – ‘Coin Belt brown’ by Maitreya

Jeans – ‘Grace jeans faded chic’ by Armidi

Bag – ‘Bellissima 09 brown – additional’ by barerose

Shoes – ‘Sissy (brown)’ by *LOTTA

fun casual

fun casual II

Details :

Hair – ‘ Ilias-Hair cool brown’ by (uncleweb)

Jacket – ‘Leather jacket purple’ by :::LiNe:::

Hoodie – (part of) ‘Parker in gray’ by *ARAI*

Top – ‘Maria tank black’ by {SMS}

Top (under) – ‘Beater tank top (banana)’ by [VG] (store closed atm)

Jeans – ‘Denim Vintage’ by Emery

Boots – ‘Harvey Biker boots’ by Tesla

Bag – ’15 bag black’ by bbb

Poses by striking poses . Golden Delish . ::SC

Listening to Maria João & Mária laginha

12 thoughts on “dois

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yes, I know that Eve, most people do but thanks.

    ❤ Luxe, layers! XD how weird is that I feel like dressing for winter when it’s spring already?..gah.

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    I keep spotting adorable jackets around that makes me say heck spring as well XD but i resisttt~~~
    I love the leather jacket and hoodie mix ^^ something i’d wear often in real life but so hard to find a good pair in sl; you always have to mix a few pieces from different areas to get the right effect. Love the looks though! First one looks pimpin 😉

  3. farahpalmer says:

    the first one still seems ‘springy’ enough to me… as it’s still kind of cold where i am in RL… would be a perfect sl to rl outfit for me!! ❤ it!!

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I toooooootally agree ohmy <3, we do have to mix and match to get that look, have done it often but still, heck, someone please create a jacket with hoodie under, both opened please and in all layers?..dayum. Might be too much to ask. ❤

    farahhh, same here. Spring yet cold. Cold yet..what the hell. </3 tyyyy

    Hi Sofia, and lol…say no to layers?..just a tank top and some pants? well that would be interesting 😉 mmmmmm next post goes for you :p ❤

    Tomoyo!! XD ❤ thank youuu, My favorite aswell, not sure why i’ve put both in the same post, no relation..but heck, Im still cold :/ and I’ll stick wif my jackets thank u very muchies. muahs!!!

    lol Giselle.

    …. <– Church of Luxe, race you!!!..I bet you’ll find it first before I even log back.

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