…a day by the beach.

Ironically enough its raining cats and dogs today (in rl).  I am as depressed and pouty as I could be, so I decided to pretend and imagine how I’d love this day to be.  Sunny and warm and by the beach, drinking an espresso and watching the sun shine on the water. YES, that would have happened if it wasn’t such a sh*tty day. In sl however it can be whatever we want and I’m pretty sure it’s not raining all over the globe so..there I hope you like this outfit. The beret is my favorite (edited) piece, is part of Muism’s hair, edited off the hair and made it fit as I wanted to, slouchy and pretty much just how I wear my berets in rl, so we could say that was the inspiration. I opted to do a more warmer version of the same outfit, by adding Nylon’s jacket and taking off the top, which is pretty much what happens when you go to a coffee place by the beach here  in spring, while the sun is out you feel all warm but by the time the sun gets down, it gets slightly colder and you just put on a jacket to stay warm. ❤ Uma

a day by the beach

a day by the beach I

Details :

(1st pic)

Hair – ‘Faye – caramel’ by Maitreya

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise skin vol. 6’ by ..::MAI::..

Top – ‘Boho Babydoll cyan’ by !Doux Petit Dahl

Top (under) – ‘Lace Trimmed Lady Beater – white’ by Camie Cooper

Belt – ‘Gems Belt Seagreen’ by {SMS}

Skirt – ‘BillyJoe Skirt’ by Skin Flicks (slightly edited shorter)

Shoes – ‘flower flats green’ by 50 Flats

Beret – (part of) ‘Sara hair’ by *Muism*

(2nd pic/changed)

Jacket – ‘Snap Jacket Blue’ by (NO)

Shades – ‘Machimo sunglasses – genesis’ by Armidi

Bracelet – ‘Istanbul Bangle’ by *Fishy Strawberry* (albero hunt gift)

Bag – ‘Martini Hand Bag – dark green’ by Dollita

Poses by {flowey} . [Golden Delish] . =IZUMYIA=

9 thoughts on “…a day by the beach.

  1. GG Sideshow says:

    This is very cute 🙂 I love it

    How did you mod the hat from the Muism hair onto the Maitreya?

  2. Phemie Alcott says:

    Hey Uma! Dahlia of Doux Petites is a friend of mine. She’s so sweet and I was so happy to see you blogged her top. yayy!! Hope you’re well. 🙂

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww, thanks Dahl ❤ yeah I wasn’t too sure, I’m glad you liked 😉

    Thank you Emy, ❤ very summer like non? XD I’m already missing long warm summer days. It’s still slightly cold here grrrr

    Hi GG!..Well I just unlinked the beret part and since its copy I haven’t lost the hair with beret to start with. So, once unlinked I’m just left with the beret and worn it as it’s shown on pics, edited it to fit as I wanted. 🙂 Hope that helps xoxo

    YAY Phemie!!!..Dahlia’s store is too cute, I love her dresses aswell, also blogged by a couple of my fellow awesome bloggers. XD Tell her I’m her fan and thank youuuu !!

  4. GG Sideshow says:

    I had no idea you could do that!
    Sorry to be suchhh a pain but how do you unlink things from the rest of it?

    Oh and your blog is utterly amazing 🙂 I didn’t know i could comment posts before now as i don’t have a wordpress! But i love every outfit you put together :)<3

  5. jordan says:

    oh my this outfit is so lovely and suitable to the weather outside. i think for me the shoes make it perfect… mhh i love them. ❤

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