All you can attach buffet..!

Ugh, I’m bored. I’m so bored I decided I’d attach as much stuff as I could to myself!..This post however, goes out to my babay Esme, I miss her, and I know if she was here (today) with me, she’d like new 69 hair, not specifically this one but meh I know she would…BUT she’s not around cause she lost her internets. 😦 I miss her like our kitties miss catnip. >.< ! I miss her afk-ness while we’re shopping and I miss her telling us (me and stokki bffs) we needed a leash to drag her around places. LOl. So yeah, this post is all about her and me attaching all I could attach to my little pixel self in a kawaii random way. Wearable? Yes, if youre a prim queen ❤ Uma

all you can attach buffet

all you can attach buffet I

Details :

Hair – ‘AMK2 – chestnut’ by ::69::

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise Skin Vol.10’ by ..::MAI::..

Jacket –  ‘Layered beaded sweater – yellow’ by (NO)

Shirt  – ‘RolledCuff Skirt – baby pink’ by [MG fashion]

Skirt – ‘Neon Red Jean Skirt’ by Sh*t Happens

Belt – ‘burger vision belt’ by [AMH]

Socks – ‘Womens craze sox – style 06’ by Action

Shoes – ‘Rain Boots (seafoam)’ by ETD

Hands (gloves) – ‘Painter Hands’ by Tres Blah

On head (onigiri) – ‘Onigiri Mini Angry’ by !*Rebel -X- *!

Bow (on head) – ‘Kawaii Polka Ribbon – black’ by [Detour]

Backpack – ‘Onigiri Backpack’ by !*Rebel -X- *!

bunny (leg)  – ‘ Sad Bunny (bloody) leg’ by [PF]

Panda (arm) by [PF]

Mouth – ‘Marshmallow B’ by :::Last Ride::: (free/random)

Eyelashes by Boom* and GLOW Studio – (chin)

15 thoughts on “All you can attach buffet..!

  1. Luxe Helendale says:

    lol i dress this way a lot.
    poor esme.
    i think of her everytime i see a letter E and then she’s not there :\ sad.

  2. Kissy says:

    Awee, I miss her tooo, so very much!!
    Supa cute post! I love those eggs. I haven’t read a blog in days. I didn’t even know 69 had new hairs! :/

  3. Emy Aker says:

    I think YOU are the biggest Prim Queen I’ve ever seen lol And I totally agree with Tomoyo who said everything I think about this look. I think an idea comes to you from nowhere and becomes a master piece thanks to you lol xo xo lil’ Uma<3

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Lol Luxe, me too…but only when im feeling nuts. Crazy ‘cute’ nuts. I tend to attach a million things to myself and then hop around hoping not to lag. *lolz* *shame* I miss esmieeeeee too!! 😦 ❤

    Tarissa!!! XD the head onigiri, is almost free..something like 10l and you get a random one. That’s the angry onigiri. XD I couldn’t resist the backpack though. 😉 thank you!!

    Kissy me too me too, meh, she better fix it soon …its lonely without her. OH and these aren’t eggs, lol, they’re called onigiri, in japanese, they’re like rice balls usually formed in a triangular way like this, wrapped in seaweed, and usually filled with salted salmon, or what I’d guess is like plum, well there’s various fillings, usually its a salty or sour thing. AHHHH, im a sucker for japanese food. can u tell? XD

    Hallie you dooooooooooooo..and its edible aswell!! XD *i wish* but its soooo cutes.

    Maria, é pró q dá qd tou assim… 😉 mas até achei q não ficava mt mal bloggar XD ❤

    Nikki, I SAW YOOOOU. mmm…i was a big ball of unrezzed prims no?..’Cause this is what i was wearing, while lagging like hell aha.

    Tomoooyooo ❤ ehe, that’s actually what I felt it to organized mess, couldnt sa it better. ❤ thank yooou muahs!

    Emy!!..a big messy master piece, I love being random, and I love looking like a little kawaii nutsy doll sometimes, however I’m not sure I achieve it, thank you so much for your words. Lol…and being a prim queen has its not being able to play sl..or just bumping into walls and freezing and ..consequently crashing! A million times a day. That’s my slife XD ❤

  5. Esme Milena says:

    LOL this made me smile and laugh. I’M BACK… well, only for the weekend but still. I wuvs you and miss you!

  6. Anya Yalin says:

    Awww yay I love seeing my stuff on other people. Hope you’ve been enjoying my belt 🙂

    I’m a total prim addict as well. (This might show from the kind of stuff I make :P) I always aim to have as many attachment points possible used 😮

  7. Carolina Sautereau says:

    humm eu adorei o visual e principalmente os anexos de onigiri >.<
    eu tentei achar a loja pelo search mas não consegui encontrar :(, vc poderia falar o local ou o nome do criador ? bjuss

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