cheekily chic!

YAY!…Kookie has finally finished her latest shoes!!..After a long and hard work (believe me I’ve witnessed), they’re out. Talk about this spring/summer (rl) trends, these have all the elements that define them. Not the kind you see out there in sl, where the super high heels are intrinsically associated to less classy shoes, Kookie’s  ‘chic heels’ have a well balanced edge to them, while corporating the trendy features we see in high pumps and heels in rl atm. They can be sweet, sexy, trendy and classy at the same time, depending on what you choose to wear. Gah, I absolutely love them and…omg, toes?..Yes, indeed but done in such a delicate/discrete  and simple way even the most ceptic will like them. Trust me (and the pictures hopefully) they’re that good. So obviously, this look is totally inspired on them and I hope you like it ❤ Uma

kookies chic heels

kookies chic heels I

Details :

Hair – ‘Sasha bun soil’ by (P-K) Polina’s first hair and if i may say ‘prototype’ I just wanted to show it off. so cute.

Skin – ‘Mia sunrise skin 010’ by ..::MAI::..

Jacket – ‘Short Jacket ”Bette” Teal’ by =Dela*= (told you I was gonna do another outfit with it XD)

Top – ‘Silky black cocktail dress’ (modded to fit as a top) by Nylon Outfitters

Skirt – (part of) ‘Keiko tunic dress – black’ by Armidi

Leggings – ‘leggings grayscale 3’ by [LeLutka]

Shoes – ‘Chic Heels -ink’ by *Kookie*

Earrings by M.Fox ‘mix & match onyx set (large)’

9 thoughts on “cheekily chic!

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    Awww hugs<3 Hope your sunday was well 🙂
    YESH Pollina’s hair prototype is so cute^^ Love the whole outfit!

    By the way, are those M.Fox earrings on sale? ty! ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    aha, Anemysk, I saw your post with it. So cute, these are really becoming one of my favorites aswell. ^^ ❤

    Yayyyy Luxe, hot non? XD ❤

    Ohmyyyyy, yes, much better, and yes, the jacket is amaaaaaaaaazing, I’ve had a similar one from a barerose outfit, been waiting to see similar ones and yay for =Dela*=!! XD thank youuu<3

    Tomoyoooo!! ^^ And the hair is out already, its super cute, I edited a bit to fit my stupid head but meh, so worth it. About the earrings, these were sent my Mia as a gift quite some time ago, so I don’t think she’ll put them for sale. You could ask though ^^ ❤ muahs!

    Aww, Emy, thank yoou luff ❤

    Cerise!! ^^ YAY, I’m happy you like it <3, thank you so much!! xoxo

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