..I’ve been told, Streets up there are lined with gold.

ugh, I had a bad bad weekend but I’ve decided to vent a little and blog some more. Just because it’s a good distraction and sundays really suck. This was an easy to put together outfit, more colorful than I feel today and my favorite piece is Dela’s ‘Bette’ jacket. I might have to do a couple of more looks with it since it’s sooo cute. I’ve had this couverture dress for a while now aswell, and I decided to edit it a bit, making it somewhat like a long top, so I could wear some shorts with it and make it more casual and fun. Since I saw Courtisane’s newest bags, I knew I wouldn’t resist them and it’s obvious I didn’t. I love all the colors of this look, the reds and oranges/peache colors, and giana’s ({HTD})  new hair seemed also perfect with it. Very boho-ish like. Hope you like it ❤ Uma

ive been told streets up there are lined with gold

hold it dont drop it

Details :

Hair – ‘Love Child (patterned/tinted in orange) coffee’ by {HTD} (gigi couture)

Skin – ‘Sole – 11 Smokey Rose Freckles’ by *YourSkin*

Jacket – ‘Short Jacket ‘Bette’ brown’ by =Dela*=

Dress – ‘AuSoleil red’ by couverture (modded into a long top)

Shorts – ‘Twill shorts in peach’ by [VG] (store closed atm)

Shoes – ‘Marquise sandals gold’ by *Courtisane*

Bag – ‘sacoche bag rom’ by *Courtisane*

Poses by *V* (kissie set) and [Golden Delish]

5 thoughts on “..I’ve been told, Streets up there are lined with gold.

  1. Luxe Helendale says:

    hehe i love courtisane! i got the black and white checkered bag.i lovesss it. you look gorgeous as always 🙂

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahah, I thought about it twice, at first it seemed kind of ‘busy’ but then it grew on me. Thank you Emy!..

    Luxe!!! XD Omg, I had a hard time choosing which I liked the best, I actually loved them all. This was the chosen one though ^^ Thank you so much!

    Gyorgynaaaaa !! No you didn’t!!!..Lol, well I’m happy to know that though, check the newest post, I think you might like, ❤ and thank you !!! muahs!

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