Uh, what can I say other than I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to post again?…Call me crazy..or just insomniac! AH!’s 3am and yay, I’m alive and kickin but not so talkative. I love this outfit, rather simple. I’ve had my eyes on Coco’s recent release for some time now but hadn’t the time to grab it. I did it today, it reminds me one of those retro cocktail dresses, the textures of the folds are rather amazing, and I absolutely love the shape of this dress. However I chose not to wear the skirt (a stripey black and white skirt) that is part of the dress to make it look more fun and light. Both thighs and tats have a reason though, I wanted to give it a little ‘edge’ like a little rocker/rockabilly goes glam…meets in between and adds some color to it. Well hope you like it!! ❤ Uma


Retrocker IIDetails :

Hair – ‘Pushed and shoved . blonde tones’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘coral *cinna : coral b3′ by Bebae

Necklace – ‘Pearl strand set’ by p.c.

Dress – ‘TulipHemDress – beige’ by *COCO*

Thighs – ‘Crochet thighs – lemon’ by !Doux Petit Dahl

Shoes – ‘Kat platforms . noir’ by Kookie

Tattoos – ‘dragonfly forest . darken’ by GoK

Bag – ‘Dynasty *blackstar’ by .::FabulouS::.

ALL Poses by {flowey}

Listening to ‘Ladytron – Runaway’

11 thoughts on “Retrock!

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahah, I didn’t notice you had commented!!..I had the post on, multi tasking before I hit ‘post’. XD ❤ and YESSSSS, I can be sexy too..or try at least 😉 *peenches you* <333333 get on already will ya?..I miss you and your pixel cuteness! MUAHS

  2. ohmyohmai says:

    whoohoo I’m lovin this spurt of massive blogging from you ^^ This look is fantastic and to use a beige color but still make it so fun and exciting is really great! I would never have thought of pairing such tights with the silk of this dress, but you make it work really well.

    Loveee the look so much ^^ and that first shot is great — specially with the composition of the boxes ^^

  3. Emy Aker says:

    Aww I know what it is not to be patient enough to post the day after lol so you’re right, and we won’t blame you for it *giggles* anyway the color of the dress and its details are amazing, such good textures! Your treatments are still so well done! Xo xo ❤

  4. minche says:

    Heeey i REALLY like the combos.. but I have to ask..
    what software or programme do you use in creating these 3D models and everything??? I realllyyy wanna know..

  5. Kaedi James says:

    I realllyy like this Uma! The retro stuff has been sooo tired lately, to me. This is a really chic way to modernize it! You’re so good! *huggles*

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aww, thank you Ohmy <3, I love adding weird/unexpected (most time colorful) pieces to outfits that would look very plain without it. Not that I think plain is bad, simple can be beautiful. I’m glad you liked it ^^xoxo

    Thank you Emy!!!..The dress textures are really amazing, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and yes, sometimes I really can’t deal with pictures so I make them really boring, other times I try to give it a special touch. 😉 muahs!!

    YAY Gyorgyna, happy you liked it, tats go really well with it non? XD Giving it a little edge. XD

    Hai Minche, from that comment, I suppose you don’t know what Second Life is, I could go on and on about it but I’d advise you to check it out.
    It’s a virtual ‘game’/community, the pictures are taken in world aswell as outfits which we buy in world aswell. 😉 Hope that helps, check it out!!

    Kaeeeeeeeedi, awww depends on the retro though. Lol. I want this dress in rl, like NOW!!! Wish my mum had saved stuff from back when she was young and hip. XD I’d do wonders with the clothes in rl. Thank youuuu ❤

    Tomoyo!!<3 Aww thank you so much!!..yeah I know what you mean about hesitant, I was too, especially curious about the layers and if I could work with it. Rather simple, I edited the shape of skirt a bit, prim by prim, but just slightly, and pushed the top up a bit so it wouldn’t show the stripes that are shown under. Didn’t use the stripey skirt and that actually helped giving it a more modern look. XD ❤

  7. thebookstacks says:

    Love the color palettes you’ve been including as background elements. They are a great reminder of how to use color to unify a look.

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