Don’t wake me..I plan on sleeping in.

Woot Hai!..I have always been a fan of shirohato, and once in a while I go back to see if there’s anything new. Yesterday I went back and saw this cute little dress. As usual Maruko’s work, is very girly, I love the flowy, girly, look on the dresses and I especially like their prices. So cheap for such awesomeness. Might not be newness for you but I decided I’d keep it in closet so I could wear it today. It comes with two skirt options thought I decided for this one. I’m also wearing, lamb’s newest hair, which I absolutely love, and made my day today!!.. There’s a straight bangs option and a sideways one, here I’m wearing the sideways. Love how it looks and the bunny likes it aswell 😉 I’m a scribble fan, lol, everytime I see a notice about the newest releases, you’ll prolly find me there. Drooling. ❤ Uma

sleeping in

sleeping in I

Details :

Hair – ‘bang bang – snickers (sideways bangs)’ by !lamb

Hair accessory – ‘Skellyflies’ by Canimal

Skin – ‘coral *cinna : coral b3’ by Bebae

Necklace – ‘feuille naturelle necklace silver’ by (luc)

Dress – ‘Fan Tail’ by shirohato

Socks – ‘knee socks mit suspenders (flamingo)’ by Pig . group gift

Shoes – ‘Dorothy shoes (brown)’ by LOTTA

Bunny – ‘Holding bunny / baby bunny in hand (sable)’ by Scribbles

Listening to ‘The Postal Service – Sleeping in’

10 thoughts on “Don’t wake me..I plan on sleeping in.

  1. Emy Aker says:

    Awww that’s adorable ❤ The bunny is so cute! Love the hairstyle, you’re so lovely with it. And the colors are stunning! :)))
    Xo xo lil’ Uma!<3

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Emy <33333 *i loves my bunny too* glad you like this!!

    yay Tomoyoooo!! ❤ I agree with you, the butterflies are sooooo cute, and color change, all of them change and there’s lots of textures to choose from, thought it would give it a special touch to the look. 😉

    Ana, it’s out already!!…Just now *2am for us* lol. It’s also a special release, since its to help fundraiser for Toast, apparently laptop died. ughs. >.<!

  3. sheepie says:

    uma, do you have a slurl for shirahato? i can’t find it under search at all, and the one link i did manage to find, i can’t use it cos’ it says that item’s privacy settings don’t allow me to!

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