Is it midnight already?

Ok, so I’ve been sitting on this outfit for some hours, trying to figure out if I should blog it or not, but though its simple, I wanted to do a more elegant/classy look, something different from what I use to do and I ended up liking the soft colors put together. So this is gonna be a quick little post, and because I had the pictures done I decided I wouldn’t let them go to waste. I’ve blogged another outfit with these pants already, but how many times do we have the chance to wear same things, or..recycle them into different looks? I like to do it a lot and I don’t think there would be more perfect ones than these, though some brown/tan leggings/thighs would work just as good. ❤ Uma

midnight shine

midnight shine I

Details :

Hair – ‘Charlotte – mocha’ by Pixel Dust

Skin – ‘London – Light Makeup 5’ by [LeLutka]

Top and Skirt – ‘Glamour Top and skirt – cream’ by Chikka Design

Belt – ‘Adorable belt – tan’ by +plus

Pants – ‘OLIMPIA pants / tan’ by [LeLutka]

Earrings – ‘pearl earrings’ by p.c.

Poses by Tuli . Kinbo and c’est la vie

Listening to – Chromatics ‘running up that hill’


9 thoughts on “Is it midnight already?

  1. Emy Aker says:

    Aww this is so brillant! Tks God it didn’t go to waste! fiuwww lol
    I’m so glad you’re really back. And put these clothes as long as you want they’re awesome put together ❤ You look like a diva and ya, that’s really different of your usual looks. Xo xo lil Uma ❤

  2. .M. says:

    Hi Uma, im sorry to ask this, but where are the olimpia pants at? i’ve been walking around ALL lelutka and cant find it 😦

  3. nilgiha says:

    there are days ı hate anything about blogging or blogs(generally anything);this is one of them..but three posts made my day and made me forget other things ; this one, abra’s ‘inspire me,you have’ post and anya ohmai’s P-K post..thank you ❤

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yay, Emy merci!! ^^ It’s different from what I’m used to do, that’s true, but I’m a chameleon, or try to, it’s a good challenge!! I’m happy you liked ❤

    Hii Lourdes, and thank you, my shape was done by me, myself and I! I have never bought a shape, however there’s a lot of great shape makers around and if you want I could point out some of my favorites ^^

    Lauryyyyyyn, yay, the color palette, which I actually loved put together was the main reason why I posted this. I had the pictures done, which I liked and thought I’d share. Softer colors and a different, more elegant look. I’m happy you liiike itt <33

    Aww Farah, thank you so much!! XD

    Tomoyo <3, I’ll always try to make/put outfits together that I’m actually not used to, hopefully I won’t fail doing it. It’s a good challenge 😉 ❤ thank yooou *why hesitating? :O* muahss!

    Nil, same here!!…I have been less inspired lately (before the last posts), but suddenly I felt the urge to blog again and started seeing clothes as I used to. I’m happy inspiration came back. I saw abra’s post as I saw yours! I might have to do it aswell, though If i look back, all I ever wanted to see in sl, is gold roller skates. Weird uh?..I mean, GOOD, AWESOMELY DONE gold roller skates and I can only think of one or two designers capable to do something as realistic as I’d like to have. Funny enough, I’ve been obsessed with lately and the last week I’ve bought a pair of vintage (white) roller skates in my number and I’m actually going to paint them in gold as soon as I get them. I WILL HAVE THEM IN RL YAY!!..I also saw ohmai’s post, loved what she did with Polina’s pieces. omg, I’m babbling, thank you bugsieeeee <333

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