Another day..just breathe.

Haiiiiiiiiii!..Ok, I’m on a roll, and I might take advantage of it while I’m feeling inspired. Contrary to the last post(s) for this one I decided to go kawaii again. >.<! Bear with me, since I’m going to spam you with pictures, hopefully they’ll be worth the pain of spam. XD! I’m feeling all colorful again, and the sun is out now until 8/9pm YAY for ‘summer time’!..While I was putting two of the outfits together, bruuu sent me her newest release, thought I would like it, well, I don’t I ❤ IT!!..Super cute ‘blue like nevermind tunic’, a puffy kawaii dress in all colors you could think of to cheer up your inventory. Ohhh she’s a talented one and I couldn’t resist not wear it, so there, PUFF, 3 in one, once again. I chose the obvious BLUE, since the other two outfits where based on pink and yellow. So there, Hope you like it ❤ Uma


kawaii I

kawaii II

kawaii III

Details (1st outfit) :

Hair – ‘short bangs dango2/silver’ by *BP

Hair accessory – ‘eating strawberry – chocolat hair accessory’ by H+K (honey kitty)

Scarf – ‘Donna pink scarf’ by barerose

Top/Blouse – ‘cotton blouse – berry’ by **En Svale**

Pants – ‘check pants/pink’ by *BP

Bag – ‘Vintage petit sac – rose’ by P-K

Socks – ‘more girly socks – peach’ by H+K

Shoes – ‘merry (pink)’ by LOTTA

2nd outfit .

Hair – ‘hair13 rabi white’ by Little Heaven

Hair accessory – ‘(dot) ribbon holic set katyusha hair band’ (color change) by H+K

Brooch/attachment – ‘sailorette attachment in blue’ by Artilleri

Dress – ‘Blue like nevermind tunic (blue)’ by Pididdle

Socks – ‘check socks / white’ by Hanauta

Shoes – ‘Barcelona sling back prussian blue’ by Armidi

3rd outfit .

Hair – ‘GR8 caramel brown’ by DEJAVU

Glasses – ‘white & gold vintage shades’ by [SpeXx]

Top/Dress – ‘Mariniere striped dress’ by P-K

Shorts – ‘ Jeanius shorts black’ by Veschi

Socks – ‘more girly socks (banana)’ by H+K

Sneakers – ‘Drunks’ by UBU (color change made them all white with gold ‘swoosh’)

Backpack – ‘RUCKSACK’ (color change) by *ARAI*

Earring – ‘GOLD Bamboomerangs! black stripes L’ by *KC*

Listening to Telepopmusik – Breathe

Poses by : pda . Torrid . =Izumyia= . u:ka . and *V*

10 thoughts on “Another day..just breathe.

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    oh yay you’re on a roll! Too cute too cute… I love the color combination on all 3 but I must say that top on the pink outfit really caught my eye ^^ plus those shoes!

  2. Elliott Fhang says:

    Just have to say I’m loveing the excessive posting and the super cute outfits! Keep it up!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ohmyyyyy, ❤ this post was supposed to be with that outfit only, then I got greedy and didn’t resist to add the other two. I must say I loveeeeeee Pididdle’s new dress. It’s so cute!! I’m glad you liked these ❤ thank you!!

    Anaaaaaaaa, yay!! É o meu estilo preferido in world. XD kawaii!! brigada ❤

    aha, Elliot, excessive in a good way yes? XD thank you so much!!

    Beanieeeeeeeee! thank yooou!…I’ll try!!..ehe, mmm *spamming the feed with more and more outfits* while I’m still inspired ^^ muahhhs!!<3

  4. elka says:

    Excuse my reaction but….
    Man I love this, especially the one on the left. You just made me jealous and I miss SL. Now I have to log in to try and be as cute ❤ Love and miss you, HAIIII xxxxxxx

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    YAYYYYYYYYYY, damn!!..omg, elka I miss seeing you onlinessss bah!!..<3 I wanna make u jealousssss so you can come backs soon 😉 and catch up!!..MUAHS miss u tooo <33333

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