‘Morniiiiing!..I have done some ‘navy’ inspired looks in the past, and I love them! Navy colors + stripes, always a fav for me and timeless I would say. So yesterday I’ve put this look together, it’s another option to some other navy inspired looks I’ve done in the past. Similar in some details. I’ve decided to pair Polina’s new opened blazer, which I love for being slightly longer than what we see around, and Artilleri’s new ‘sailorette’ top seemed perfect with it. Since I wanted a slightly more casual look, my old high waisted shorts from Gisaci matched perfectly. I love the fact the jacket is almost as long as the shorts. I am also in love with new cupcakes! skin, ‘seduction’, I don’t own a lot of red lipstick make up skins and the ones I have, are absolute favorites. Of course that was not the only one I got, and thanks to Rosemary who totally spoiled me yesterday, filling my invo with another set of great skins, I’m sure if you liked lovespell you will love Seduction. It keeps getting better and better. ❤ Uma!


Isn’t it just yuuuuuuums?


sailorette II

Details :

Hair – ‘the bunny hop #215 gift’ by W&Y

Eyes – by Poetic  – easter lilac (The Bunny Hop #011)

Skin – ‘Seduction . Cameo – ‘retro’ by Cupcakes!

Jacket – ‘Opened Blazer (marine)’ by (P-K)

Top – ‘sailorette top (blue)’ by Artilleri

Shorts – (part of) ‘Dans La Ville – Milano ashes with Dark blue’ by Gisaci/Armidi

Shoes – ‘Classic pumps – peppercorn’ by Juicy

Socks – ‘Prim Socks blue’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘SACK bag / white’ by [LeLutka]

Necklace – ‘coin necklace’ by Maitreya

Listening to With Every Heartbeat


9 thoughts on “Sailorette!

  1. Emy Aker says:

    I find the blazer awful =s but it suits you so good!
    You’ve got a knack for making clothes prettier than they really are, and this is not given to everybody! Another good job anyway! 😀 Xo xo ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww, I actually love the jacket. I chose not to wear the shoulder pads and instead just the puff sleeves, I edited a bit to fit me though, nothing else. XD I’m happy you like the look anyways and I’m pretty sure you’d look great with the blazer. Muahs!!

  3. Polina Kaestner says:

    I’m glad you dislike it Emy , actually. You have so bad tastes that I would take it off the store if you liked it.
    Again , Uma , wonderful look , I love the Marine vibe of your outfit , so brillant !:D Xo xo ❤

  4. Eve Kazan says:

    Lano Ling does the most beautiful eyes on SL !!
    So lovely !! Uma i think the shop is Poetic Color 🙂

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    nu nu nu nuuuuuu, no fighting here bunniessss!! >.< aiaiai, lol!…We’re all allowed to dislike something, depends on how we ‘voice’ it. XD so all good !!!
    Thank you Polina <3, I love marine/navy inspired looks. Your jacket inspired the whole outfit and I looove it. ^^

    Tomoyo, I don’t remember where I got it, I’m sorry however send me an IM with your email?..and I’ll gladly send you this one 😉 ❤

    Thank you Eve!!..and you’re right, its Poetic Color, XD I love Poetic’s eyes, and I totally agree with you 🙂 xoxo

  6. Dahlindah Destiny says:

    I actuallyreally like this blazer!
    like how it breaks down your shape, and keeps the horizontal stripes minimal.
    I’m actually not a fan of highwaist shorts in SL, for some reason everyone’s shape just doesn’t look right. But with a jacket such as Polina’s, it really does work.
    This look really works! Although, I’d proably make it alittle more grunge, by wearing a pair of army-style, distressed boots. But then again, I make even the most girly outfits look terrible with a pair of boots!!
    Keep up the awesome work girl!!!

    (Note: When I wear shorts or highwaisted shorts in SL, I always team it with a shapeless blazer or shirt, such as one from CeCubic Effect. I’m particularly fond of the suede grey half shirt!!)

  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hiii dahlindah!! ^^ I am also not a BIG fan of high waisted shorts (in rl mostly) but there are some in sl which I actually love. Not all, but some. I totally agree with you on how a loose/shapeless blazer or shirt can totally work and look better. 😉 Oh and trust me, I love army-style boots, actually I tend to use them more with girly skirts or girly looks, to give it that special edge. However high waisted shorts for me require high heels, elongating the legs which tend to look smaller when we wear these shorts. So happy about your comment, and thank you!!! ^^

  8. Princess Niangao says:

    I love the look, and I probably would have bought this outfit. I still am minus the jacket and I will have another jacket that will suit the rest. And that is only because the creator shot back just an awful comment to the 1st commenter. So now PK has lost my business.

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