Haiiiii!!..Do you still remember me?..It has been some time. I know, I haven’t been updating as much as I should or would like to, but the last couple of days I haven’t been on much and I was still mind blocked. I’ve been more focused in rl fashion than sl but today, I decided to clean the dust off blogging and I’m back. So, as most of you know, Maria Gherardi’s work need no introduction. She has been around for some time now and both her creativity and her skills are known by ‘all’ of us. Only she’s portuguese, and I’m especially proud of that (since I am aswell), and my favorite if only favorite portuguese designer. Every new release is for sure, something you’ll want in your closet (at least I do) and this time is no different. So and because I haven’t been around much I decided to do 4 different outfits, all with one thing in common, Maria Gherardi’s clothes. I have to say I’m totally in love with her next release, the Martina Sweaters. They are totally versatile, hence the 4 different looks, to show you just some  of the options with which you can wear these. The shirts and the (second look) jeans are also from [MG fashion], I haven’t displayed the shirts alone, with their rolled cuffs, they are just simply gorgeous to wear alone. Make sure you check these and keep your eyes on the Martina Sweaters. xoxo ❤ Uma



Details :

(2nd pic from left to right)

Hair – ‘Pushed and shoved – brown tones’ by (VW)

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (brown) by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Shirt – ‘RolledCuffsShirt (baby pink)’ by [MG fashion]

Skirt – ‘ ‘Jules’ JeanSkirt * black’ by Maitreya

Socks – ‘Xmas gift by tri *  helia black socks’ by Triangle Caudron

Boots – ‘test boots (color change)’ by ROT


Hair – ‘Faye – chocolate’ by Maitreya

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (spring green)’ by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Top – ‘Lace trimmed lady beater (white top)’ by camie cooper

Belt – ‘coin belt brown (stomach)’ by Maitreya

Jeans – ‘Vintage Inspired Jeans – dark blue’ by [MG fashion]

Shoes – ‘Slinky stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Bellissima 09 brown’ by barerose

Hat – ‘fedora hat w cameo (polkadot brown x white)’ by {creamshop}


Hair – ‘+*gl*+M+choco’ by Glitter

Hair accessory – ‘hair stuff (leftovers)’ by (fd)

Glasses – ‘mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (yummi)

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (petroleum) by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Bikini – ‘plaid short set – grey bikini’ by [Riddle]

Skirt – ‘EmbroideryLongSkirt (Green)’ by THE CLOSET

Shoes – ‘Criss Cross ballet flats (white)’ by Shiny Things

Bag – ‘Madrid – Leather weave bag (champagne)’ by {creamshop}


Hair – ‘runway compound (brown tones)’ by (VW)

Glasses – ‘ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (firebrick)’ by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Shirt – ‘rolledcufff shirt sand’ by [MG fashion]

Jeans – ‘jeans smog capri’ by Fishy Strawberry

Shoes – ‘high oxfords black’ by Tesla

10 thoughts on “OH-[MG]!

  1. Emy Aker says:

    You make me find out amazing creations and God only knows this is not the first time. Glad to know she’s Portuguese as you are (aww we CAN see how much you’re proud, yah! and you’re right lol) Moreover I understand why you can’t answer me in game now; I’m sorry! Anyway, hope to see ya around soon. I’m so glad to see one more of your looks. Xo xo ❤ C ya lovely thing lol =d

  2. Abra Exonar says:

    YAY, I missed ya Umaaz <33 That sweater is fantastic as are those doc martin style boots!! I’ve been searching for some like that, I should have asked you 😀 You look beautiful. <333

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Vannn<3 babayyyy that’s my pseudo-nerdy smart side 😉 aha, XD glad you like it *squishes you*

    YAY Kaediiiiiiii!..Thank you ❤ I’m sorta back 😉 Kinda hard to concentrate lately. Ehe, but these sweaters were a good inspiration. I just love them.

    Gyorgyna! thank yoooou, I love new **THE CLOSET** skirts, I failed to mention bambi’s new releases!..*shame on me*

    Emyyy, and I am, she’s a great designer, I think I own most everything from MG, it’s that good!..I’m sorry I haven’t replied, lately I’ve been logging and afk’ing a lot then logging out right away, I’ll surely reply even if it has to be an offline 😉 MUAHS ❤

    Abraaaaalishh!! ❤ yay, I’m glad you like them, they’re gorgeous. The boots are really good aswell, though I had to resize them a bit (as much as I could) so I wouldn’t look like big foot. lol. But I love them!! thank you hun ❤

    Haii little bug ❤ , lol, that title seemed appropriate, I still giggle at the idea, it popped up instantly as soon as I stopped writting. I’m glad you likes the looks, yeah the boho is prolly my favorite aswell, I want summmeeeer! muahs

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