New ‘Biker’.

Haiii everyone!! Haven’t been back since friday, that felt good, had a busy weekend and was kinda bored with clothes. Really!..Starting all fresh again. My inspiration for these outfits was a (slightly more elegant) biker look!..Instead of going all black or too literal, I decided to add some softer colors, since I don’t see myself wearing all black in such sunny and warm days lately. The jackets are my favorite pieces, one being from MichaMi a store I absolutely love and the other from Valiant. Don’t get discouraged by the fact its a men’s jacket since its mod, the only prims needed adjustment are basically cuffs and collar though I haven’t mod the collar much. Too cute!..Ok, hope you like it, have a great week  ❤ Uma

new bikers

new bikers I

new bikers II

Details :

1st look .

Hair – ‘Pushed and Shoved – blonde tones’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘Lyla Pale Natural’ by Redgrave

Hair accessory  – ‘black chain flower with drop’ by *Untone*

Jacket – ‘Noomi Jacket in Mint’ by MichaMi

Vest – ‘Classy Vest’ by *IR* (indie rainbow being the creator not sure the store is still open)

Pants – ‘OLIMPIA pants/tan’ by [LeLutka]

Belt – ‘ Flexi Design [Double thin Belt] black’ by *Muism*

Gloves – ‘full finger black’ by (Domoco)

2nd look .

Jacket – ‘Black Open Button leather jacket’ by *Valiant

Necklace – ‘pyramid necklace green/brown’ by ::69::

Tank top – ‘Lace trimmed Lady beater (white)’ by Camie Cooper

Skirt – ‘Dark Teal Jean Skirt/shorts’ by Sh*t Happens

Socks – ‘Knit Knee socks green’ by Shiny Things

Bag – ‘SACK bag/white’ by [LeLutka]

Shoes – ‘Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps’ by J’s

Listening to Mind vs. Heart

12 thoughts on “New ‘Biker’.

  1. nilgiha says:

    ı was wondering about you really..ı was gonna send im inworld today but then saw that you posted :D..sumtimes ı go yuck of clothes in sl and in rl also..dont you ever so long go again ;))

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Tija..NOT!!!..but thanks for the ego boost 😉 ❤

    Jocelyn, its soooooooo good!!..and it’s not that hard to mod the cuffs and collar, worth the minute we take to resize 🙂

    Awww Nil, me too…and these have been some hard days to get all excited with clothes again…but it happens. I’m more focused on rl clothes now ehe. ❤ I Hope you’re feeling better and you’re all recovered MUAHS! ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi chance!! thank you so much and I’m sorry but I have so many poses sometimes I forget to write down the names and for that I apologize, especially to pose makers cause sometimes I forget. I will try to find which are which and then let you know.

    morgannnn, aww thank you, this jacket rocks!!! Totally unisex don’t care what they say 😉

    Aww thank you emy MUAHS! ❤

    raaaaaaaawwwwwwwwr van, love yooou! ❤

  4. chancegreatrex says:

    Oh, Uma, no..don’t bother with that kind of work! I only wanted to know about 3 of them anyway..the 2 on the right of the middle pic and the middle one on the 3rd pic. 🙂 Hugs Chance

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I’m pretty sure the two on the top, are Luth’s and Torrid’s..but the 3rd pic one, I just can’t remember. I will surely pay more attention to it in the future since Its a shame not to credit pose makers all the time. 😉 Thank you chance ^^

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