…Nicest thing

sweet things

Today I went on a shopping ‘quest’, something I rarely do these days but it’s fun when you’re bored and brave enough to face lag, especially in those little japanese sims, for some reason I bump into walls like there is no tomorrow, so it’s rather painful, but sometimes, totally worth it. Especially when you find things that make your day!  ❤ Uma

sweet things I

Details :

Hair – ‘RINRIN – pink gold’ by +YUZUKAMIYA+

Skin – ‘Lyla natural’ by Redgrave

Sunglasses – ‘numero21 raban argento’ by *ottico*

Scarf – ‘HempScarf tan’ by THE CLOSET

Dress – ‘Japanise-style onepiece <saku no utage>’ by /*ChiyoDori*/

Socks – ‘lace ribbon socks’ by Picnic

Shoes – ‘mishima dawn – tan’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Picnic :: Orange :: Tartan 01 bag’ by GS*s (!!*+*Girls Style*+*)
sweet things II

Details :

Hair – ‘Sayaka cherry brown’ by +YUZUKAMIYA+

Dress – ‘check parker dress (gray+black)’ by ****em****

Pants – ‘jeans {classic} charcoal / wide leg’ by Zaara

Bag – ‘Picnic::Pink::Tartan 01bag’ by GS*s (!!*+*Girls Style*+*)

Shoes – ‘woman docker shoes white’ by hoorenbeek

Watermelon by hanauta

Listening to ‘Nicest Thing’