Ahhh, it already smells like spring, and for some reason, when I think of it, I think of cute little dresses. My style in spring and summer changes a lot and I tend to wear more girly stuff, so today I found this cute little dress I fell in love with. The whole look is pretty simple and I didn’t want to add much since I wanted to focus on the dress. The store itself doesn’t have much, well, it does but it’s very much the kind of girly japanese style dresses, and there’s a pink version of this one, it’s fairly cheap but this one caught my eye! coming slowly back to blogging, I’m still in that vacation feel/state and in need to catch up. ❤ Uma

girly spring

girly spring I

Hair – ‘Amber – treacle’ by TRUTH

Skin – ‘Lyla natural’ by Redgrave

Dress – ‘KC No.03 [wagara<seiji>]’ by Kyoko Couture

Jeans – ‘pull up the bumper baby – dark /underpants’ by &Bean

Shoes – ‘miki hot pink’ by jcshoes/Jimmy chau

Bag – ‘diana pink’ by b@r

mani by Detour