‘Natalie’ . New Tulilicious!

Haiiii everyone! I know most of you know already about Tuli’s new release, these will probably be seen all over the feeds and blogs because the quality is no doubt, undeniable and I just couldn’t resist let you see with your own eyes. Hopefully the pictures will do them justice *crosses fingers*. Last time Tuli sent me some skins, I failed to review them, because others did and they do it much better than I do. Not being english has its downfalls but I speak with the heart here, and I am truly in love with these skins. Tuli hit perfection in my estimation here, all the skin tones are, flawless. If you’re looking for skins that truly look softly real, then you *MUST* check these. From the darkest tone to the *gothic* which is the paler of all, again, the word that comes to my mind, without wanting to repeat myself is flawless. There is no weird shading or shine on these, the face is delicate and the make ups natural/real looking, from the fact she offers tintable eyebrows to each body detail, there is nothing to say about these rather than..wow!. I don’t know what else to say, they’ll be released on 28th of february, like what, tomorrow for me?..Do check them ❤ Uma




Details :

(last pic from left to right)

‘Natalie (gothic) 10b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (tan) 08b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (dark) 09b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (sunkissed) 07a’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (pale) 02b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (exotic) 06a’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (light) 03b’ by Tuli

Hair – ‘Piper II’ by Maitreya

and of course, they’re too many for me too show all and…

I’ll fail to put credits of the lingerie and shoes but will update it soon..

…its just too late 4:39am to be precise>.<! ❤


4 thoughts on “‘Natalie’ . New Tulilicious!

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you for linking grazia!! btw, you’re rocking that hair ❤ love it all!

    babayyyyyyyyy..:O you!!! *peenches your geisha butt* ❤

    Nadja, hiii 🙂 and thank you!! Well, thanks to Tuli’s skins actually, really love them! I’m glad you think the same ^^

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