Namasté Zaara

I have been awaiting to see Zaara’s new pieces released! Impatiently I may say, since her mastery on each creation and her textures have made me a fan since day one. How could I not resist putting an outfit together with her Inka jacket? …Nuu, I couldn’t. It’s again, beautifully done, something we can always expect from Zaara and somewhat a translation into our modern days of what we can see in her ‘traditional’ work. ❤ ❤ ❤ it! Also, I am so happpppyyy, lamb keeps working on new hair, and has been since day one and we can only confirm the skills and how yummy and refreshing they are. YAY! A fav again! This one will be released later today at a place we so well know 😉 AND..though I haven’t  gone very ethnic/boho here, which I could easily go for, but there are definitely small details that of course are inspired by it and I hope you like it! Have a great weekend ❤ Uma!


inka I

Details :

Hair – ‘Cherry – kit kat’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘chanel – bubble’ by Glance

Scarf – ‘Long Scarf Champagne’ by Maitreya

Jacket – ‘Inka jacket grey’ by Zaara

Top – ‘Beater tank top in grey’ by [VG] (not available atm)

Pants – ‘Galife Pants Black’ by -SG-

Belt by Last Call (no longer available)

Bag – ‘NY@Night tote bag’ by JCNY

Shoes – ‘Frenzy – dangerous’ by Maitreya

Listening to : talvin singh – ‘Light’


8 thoughts on “Namasté Zaara

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Nilllll I know. I sneaked up in your closet today and stole your pants. ❤ muahssssss
    Thank you strawberry ^^ ❤
    Farah, No id crisis at all, just felt like putting this on 😉
    thank you, and btw, no secret there, just the right lighting, the right picture size…and some really basic ps skills. *resize* *light* *shadows* *background* 🙂

  2. nilgiha says:

    ı want that haiiiiiiir…ı need it …………aadn no new posts??..came here to check and ı am 😦 case of me forgetting it: have nice time in US and take care and have fun and ı hope evrything goes well there ❤ kisses

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    do you have it already? YAY!!…cause it’s just too cute, all of lamb’s hairs are. ❤
    and and, you haven’t checked since then, 2 new posts. I saw yours, too cute little bug ❤
    Thank youuuu btw, I’m leaving on thursday, *crosses fingers*

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