Sockage mit suspenders !

I ❤ socks, just as much as I ❤ hats!…I had some friends pointing that out (you know who you are van</3) , even before I noticed I actually wore a lot of socks in a lot of outfits I put together! Appy has spoiled us (groupie peoplezz) with 2 pairs of  socks (mit suspenders) a few ago, and I couldn’t wait to tell you, that she’s actually gonna put them for sale, and OMG, there’s a bunch of colours to choose from!…These are so awesomeeeeeee!… So awesome, that I’ve seen a couple of my bwoi friends sporting them and I felt jealous, (little did I know I actually had them in my invo) and had to ask ‘omg, where did you get them?’…Izzy knows Lol. I’m dumb. Anyways, I’m a sock person myself, and I wouldn’t feel right not blogging them, I am so in love I don’t wanna wear any pants, I just need my socks! I ❤ you apatia, and thank you! lol. ❤ Uma


sockaholic I

sockaholic II

Details :  (omg…i may screw things up)

1st pic :

‘pin up – burgundy patent’ by stilleto moody . ‘Strawberry socks’ by PIG

‘Verve violet’ by Maitreya . ‘Lilac socks’ by PIG

‘frenzy dangerous ‘ .  ‘cranberry socks’ by PIG

2nd pic :

‘Frenzy banana – tawny’ by Maitreya . ‘orange socks’ by PIG

‘Lime lights – pink suede’ by Maitreya . ‘Seafom socks’ by PIG

‘Dalia pumps orange’ by Armidi – ‘Blue socks’ by PIG

3rd pic :

‘ella flats – red’ by Kookie Lemon . ‘Dark gray socks’ by PIG

‘Pretties by JB – Ohlala saphire’  . ‘clear white socks” by PIG

‘london flats – brown’ by [Detour]’ . ‘goldenrod socks’ by PIG