A sunday smile

‘haihaihai!…I don’t know what to say, but I really like this outfit. I like the soft pink colors and light teal details, it’s feminine and sweet and perfect for sunday. For today at least. Yet, it’s pretty simple and nothing really new. My favorite white shirt, the closet’s cute and fun skirt and cube sugar bow pumps. My favorite pieces are definitely atelier am ball necklace. I made it slightly bigger and it gives this outfit a little cute finishing. The hat is probably my favorite find! The ‘store’ is in a little japanese mall, ithas really nice hats, from berets to newspaper boy hats and theyre all really good. If you like this you should definitely check the place out.  ❤ Uma

a sunday smile

a sunday smile I

Details :

Hair – ‘[Moira] Brown-R:Pink*Nolight’ by **Amrita**

Skin – ‘Petal [light] lovely – firehouse2’ by Gala (group gift)

Hat – ‘Homburg hat/Corduroy’ by Apollon

Shirt – ‘StripeShirt (white)’ by Aoharu

Necklace – ‘ball necklace*pink*’ by Atelier AM

Skirt – ‘H.W.FrillSkirtPNK’ by The Closet

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders – antique mint’ by Pig (freebie)

Bag – ‘Bird bag [brown]’ by :::Last Ride:::

Shoes – ‘Spring pumps’ by Cube Sugar

Listening to….Svefn-g-Englar

9 thoughts on “A sunday smile

  1. nilgiha says:

    :O you are faster about the hat..today ı bought it in blck and white check..was trying to put out a look to go with it :)))

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    aww Lol, I was bored yesterday…so I followed oyakin’s Lm’s and found that little mall. Did you get the same ones?..I really liked this one and the other that came with it, don’t know which I like the best..but this look was done yesterday just felt like blogging today. Can’t wait to see your outfit. XD xoxo

  3. chalice carling says:

    Oh i ADORE this Uma. I love the way the peachy color pops up here and there and the socks and suspenders….omg I want them being a sock person myself :-))

    This is my fav look…just brilliant.

  4. chalice carling says:

    Oh woe is me. No pig socks for Chalice :-((( Never mind…I will just covet yours :-)) See you are a style leader…by the time us hoi polloi catch up, it’s all over. I so love your blog.

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Chaliceeeeee!! ❤ I’m happy you like this look!!…XD Thank you!! The socks were actually sent through group but you could ask Apatia Hammerer (also owner of pig) and ask about them? or if you could have them or how? …I hope you do, these are great ❤ muahs

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