Haii hai Hai! lol. Ok, so, I don’t know which look I love the most. I have changed a million times today and couldn’t figure it out. While one is more like what I’ve been doing lately a hobo-foho-boho (how I love randomness) look, probably you’re bored of it already but I am not. Versions of the same kind style, are always a plus. Onyx made my day today by cluttering/filling my invo a little bit more and oh how I loved it! Thank You! For that reason I had to make another outfit, totally different from the first, somewhat retro chic but with a modern twist. Maybe chanelling a bit of Gwen?…Though you may think that the colors are a little misplaced I totally think they match perfectly. The reason why is that the bottom part, skirt, socks and shoes are of the same palette of blues leaving space for the other colors to come alive and consequently match perfectly in its contrasts. I can’t just put one outit together, and usually they’re totally different from each other! Hope you like it, ❤ Uma

hanging high

hanging high I

Details :

Hair – ‘FreshBreeze (browns)’ by ((JUNWAVE))

Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redgrave

Hat – ‘Fedora suede (beige)’ by Akeyo

Jacket – ‘Knit’ by .::dEVOL:::.

Vest  – (shirt layer) ‘cambridge knit vest (black)’ by Gisaci/Armidi

Top (undershirt layer) – ‘Savoir turtle neck top *RoseDusk*’ by Maitreya

Scarf – ‘Long Scarf *sepia (spine attach)’ by Maitreya

Skirt – ‘Knit Skirt (brown)’ by en Svale

Belt – ‘coin belt (brown)’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘NeckPorch (brown) (chest attach)’  by ::plod::

Boots – ‘Kensington boots (chocolate)’ by Tesla

everybody but me

everybody but me I

Details :

Hair -‘Pushed and Shoved – Blonde Tones’ by (VW)

Top (under) – ‘Savoir Top Buff (sheer)’ by Maitreya

Top (over) – part of ‘Satin Mini Dress’ (jacket layer) by Armidi

Skirt – ‘HighSkirt (charade)’ by Maitreya

Socks -‘Knee Socks wool blue’ by SySy’s

Shoes – ‘Barcelona Slingback Prussian blue’ by Armidi

Listening to Everybody but me

7 thoughts on “.:..:..::..::::..:..::::…::..:.

  1. Kaori Masala says:

    Hi Uma 🙂
    wow you make so cute! nice mix up!
    Thanks for using my outfit ;P
    sometimes I go to shops from your blog and mix many blands taste.
    I like your styling so much 🙂

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Kaoriiiii!! Thank you so much for sending me the knit tops, they’re awesome!! it works perfectly with layers and to warm up the looks 🙂 I really love them I’m glad you liked the look!!! 🙂

    Lauryn, me either!! I’m still torn between both of them, while one is more retro glam chic with my personal touch the other is what I love the most, to wear on a daily basis..ehe. Glad you like them aswell 😉

    Annunziata tyyy, me too but Maitreya’s High waisted skirts are just BEAUTIFUL and it doesn’t hurt to take down some numbers on hips to make it look more even. The belt part is resizable aswell, so it fits every kind of shape 🙂

  3. Emy Aker says:

    Lauryn is right: I don’t know which on I prefer too.
    I know you love dazzeling us lol You succeed everytime :p
    One thing about you is that you’re always inspired. Amazing!
    Xo xo <333

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