Boho part III – asian pattern.

Hiiiiiiii! Ok, so let me tell you something. Boho will never go out of style. It may be reinvented, in patterns or accessories, but it will never be out dated.  Say, for instance, the feather trends that has been creeping up on catwalks since last summer, on headbands and hair accessories, or, the re-emerged earthy printed skirts, floral blouses, layered sweaters and even crochet?…I mean, you speak of spring and summer, and you (or I do) think of loose bohemian chic loose tunics, drapping dresses or one shoulder tops, chunky arts and crafts necklaces, ethnic accessories…god! It may walk hand in hand with totally different styles and trends but believe me, it will be hard to get out dated. Some say ‘Foho’ is the new boho (a more understated, eclectic mix, fusing classic Boho elements – crochet trims and hippie prints for example – with more subtle folk pieces, such as washed-out denims). Anyways, find a high quality boho tunic, loose and feminine, pair it with a good belt to give it some structure (if you need it) and your wide leg pants or skinny jeans, and some good high heeled shoes or even flats, or other accessories, and you can’t go wrong, trust me! However, I’ve gone a little asian inspired. I have to thank my hubby, for finding for me, the most amazing asian patterned tunic! While on a quest for a good asian inspired build, baba  found this little store and tp’ed me right away, knowing I’d love this. Was not wrong, I fell in love with it…and you’ll know why when you see the pictures. Amazing texture and awesome structure. Love love love it, and there’s nothing else I could add to it, it makes the whole outfit. ❤ Uma

Boho III asian inspiration

Boho III - asian inspiration I

Details :

Hair -‘SidetailHair*BROWN*’ by ((junwave))

Skin – ‘FSkin_StarDust 1C_Light’ by [ATOMIC]

Tunic – ‘Hibino Cape’ by *maple*

Belt – ‘romantic sweater belt/brown’ by DP*yumyum

Skirt – ‘Mini Skirt in Blue’ by MichaMi

Pants – ‘grace jeans – faded chic’ by Armidi and ‘WOOL PANTS-morning’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘miki SAFFRON’ by Jimmy Chau

bag – ‘VAIN-bag-BROWN1’ by Cachet/LeLutka

15 thoughts on “Boho part III – asian pattern.

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    eeee…!! and just when you said you were bored of clothes, I love, LOVE when that happens. haha. The tunic is, indeed, the prettiest kimono/hippie mix I’ve seen on SL. And picked out by your man, to boot? I think he is a keeper Uma. <33

  2. Eden Knoller says:

    Uma — you look fantastic. I have scoured search, my overflowing inventory, asked friends, etc…and I simply cannot find *maple*. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Baba I decided hood could be of anyone else’s choice, my hair’s so pretty though >.<! ❤ u.

    Abraaaa, it is. So amazing, the store is kind of weird, it has pictures of rl stuff and the sl version. This one being my favorite one, the structure and texture is really amazing. Aha, I *was* bored of clothes until I saw this. Teddy is definitely a keeper and has been for a year now ❤ 😉

    Vannnnnnnn babay<3 omg, me too, isn’t it something we can definitely pull of rl? MUAHS! ty luff

    Eden, thank you so much, you can IM IW anytime if you don’t find something, I just grabbed the slurl, stupid of me not to include it on post, I’m sorry :

    Nieve, right there 😉 thank you!!!

    Annunziata thank you, AND MOSTLY, thank you for the help on the starlust hunt I’ll be forever in debt. Not everyday we find someone that wants to help like you did, wanting nothing in return and with the patience you had. ❤

    Dahlia, all props go to hubby though I have to say he couldn’t pull this off like I did, eheh ❤ , I am in love with this ‘tunic’, it’s rather beautiful. ❤

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    lol, Lizzie ❤ i can be pretty nerd too soo XD
    linka, I prefer japan! ❤ Happy Valentines linkaaaaaa ❤
    Tomoyoooooo, ❤ thank you so much ehe!! It’s truly a keeper no doubt! ❤ muahs

  5. Rosita Caffarel says:

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