to blog or not to blog.

Im bored. Not also bored I’m bored with clothes. :O I started the day with one look and ended up in a totally different one and while laughing at it I wondered if I should or not show you?…mmmm, I will just for kicks. Mostly cause I wanna show off my latest purchase, EishTendo, ‘Nintendo belt’. >.<! I am totes addicted to it, I just wished I could detach it and play with it. LOl. Anyways, as lame as it might sound, its awesome. It comes with hud where you can resize, color it, choose which images to play and sounds too, (obvious attention on detail) or just close the gamepad or leave it open. \o/! Another great surprise was Oyakin store (if Nil hadn’t blogged  it I would probably still not know about it ;)) Great little bargains and cute stuff too!! I fell in love with the cardis and the navy coat! It’s a must check store no doubt! Ahhhh…so, yeah the outfits! The second look is a quirky meets (?) vintage one. I borrowed mum’s glasses and played ‘digging in old clothes closet’. The first one, is a more casual, cute, very me-like one and…basically what I had on all day. Oh and btw, if someone sees a ‘U’ on lovesoul lucky chair (only for the surprise gift) please let me know, I’m crabby and spent almost all day camping waiting for it. Lucky chairs hate me and I hate them. </3 Uma

casual kawaii

casual kawaii I

Details :

Hair – ‘ pushed and shoved – brown tones ‘ by (VW)

Skin – Lyla by Redgrave

Ear muffs – ‘yuki hair’ by W&Y

Scarf – ‘extinction series – shemagh pack scarf 2’ (re-attached to chest) by TonkTastik

Cardi – ‘Knit cardi (gray) by Oyakin

Shirt – ‘black long t’ (part of graycheckshirt)’ by Useless Children

Pants – ‘shoreline bordeaux’ by &Bean

Shoes – ‘slip ons’ by Ordinary (freebie)

Socks –  ‘dot socks004 gray’ by tomoto

Bag – (part of) ‘sfd pilot costume bag’  by sf design

Nintendo belt by EishTendo!
faux vintage look

Hair – ‘pushed and shoved – brown tones ‘ by (VW)

Glasses – ‘mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (yummy)

Scarf – ‘gray muffler (spine) ‘ by DP*yumyum

Dress – ‘tunique de rose purple’ by tomoto

Pants – ‘shoreline coffee’ by &bean

Socks – ‘dot socks 005 mustard’ by tomoto

Shoes – ‘london flats (brown)’ by Detour


9 thoughts on “to blog or not to blog.

  1. genaa says:

    I prefer the second one. that is more my style.
    but wow. how can you change of style and respect “the rules of it”.
    what is your favorite style? like your base..

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    dangoooooooooooo nooooooo! >.<! I want the surprise gift so bad because I KNOW what it is. I want, I spent hours waiting, something I never do. stupid lucky chairs lol.
    *sorry had to vent peoples*
    genaa<3, I am happy you like the second look, most people wouldn’t…not sure. I have a very eclectic style, it depends on the mood really. In sl it can be super kawaii or more rl inspired. in rl it tends to be more retro-ish, or ‘indie’/boho. Good slouchy ankle boots or round toe pumps/boots, or cute flats, edgy cut leather jackets, big big fan of scarfs, vintage bags, tunics…etc.etc.etc. XD I have done a lot of looks here that I would totally be seen wearing in rl 😉
    Nil, so true, thank you for sharing 😉 there’s nothing like it. Muahs ❤

  3. katerinalytton says:

    I really really adore the first look!!! The jacket is very pretty

    Ok ok i know am prolly the most annoying poster here cause i always ask for LMs lol.
    And yes here i am again, asking for the LM, of Ordinary….pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase????? *grins*

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