Boho . Part II

Oooooohhhhh, I am so excited.  Mostly because today I really felt inspired and I absolutely adore the outfit I’ve put together. Maybe it’s just me but I am really eager for summer, I’m done with winter, with cold, with rain and the last few days it have been sunny and warm outside and I can almost ‘smell’ spring.  So with that in mind I bring you another ‘boho’ inspired look. Something I’d definitely be seen wearing. I was feeling a little torn between detour flats or J’s wedges but since I’ve been wearing a lot of flats lately I’ve opted for J’s. Now, what I really love about this outfit are the colors and how they blend with each other. How Giana’s vest and hippie shorts match perfectly &bean bordeaux pants and the tones both in Zaara’s scarf and Akeyo’s hat. Also, The fact Junwave hairs are scripted and you can resize each prim as you wish makes it PERFECT to fit right with the hats and way easier to work with. I have been playing around in sl, mostly around my house snapping pictures of house chores, so for the fun of it I’m going to show you what I’ve been up to LOl, because really I’m not just a shopaholic, or fashion addicted, I’m good around the house too. check here XD ❤ Uma

boho part II

boho I part II

Details :

Hair – ‘SpringBreenze *brown*’ by Junwave

Skin – ‘Phoebe(pale) 008 – hot cherry b’ by //LAZOLLI//

Vest – ‘*GC* Tan Cowboy Vest’ by GiGi Couture

Sweater (shirt layer) – ‘Baggy Sweater Beige2’ by So Many Styles

Top (undershirt) – ‘ ‘Beater Tanktop’ in Tan’ by [VG]

Shorts (pant layer) – ‘*GC* Hippie Shorts’ by GiGi Couture

Pants (underpants layer) – ‘Shoreline Bordeaux’ by &Bean

Belt – ‘ Dark brown leather belt’ by REALE

Scarf/Shawl – ‘pashmina shawl *peach & cream*’ by Zaara

Hat – ‘Fedora_BeigeSuede’ by Akeyo

Bag – ‘DS Bag sholder(brown)’ by ICoN

Shoes – ‘Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals BEIGE’  by J’s

6 thoughts on “Boho . Part II

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    Ummaaa <333 this is love! I ❤ Boho and I love how you mixed these pieces together, they are some of my fav esp. the gigi shorts. yumyum. I like how it’s all pinky and fem with Valentine’s coming up, yet not at all overly sweet or girly. Coincidence? hehehe…you are the best hun =D <33

  2. Munky says:

    WOW! THIS IS LIKE ROCKIN BOHEMIAN CHICK! lol, loove the colors. its also like a HELLLOOO SPRINGGG!!! 😀
    i loove the skin on you, sooo niice! 😀
    ANNND OMGOOODD!! U WEARING THE GIGI COUTURE VEST!! that’s the one i wanted to buy! 😀 lol

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Nici, XD
    Abra <3, Im a boho girl at heart, especially in warmer seasons. Spring and summer bring the boho in me out <3. You are not wrong, I am in love 😉 so glad you like it babes!!
    Munky LOL, I always appreciate your words and excitement!!!! XD It’s totally a HELLO SPRING, WON’T YOU KNOCK ON MY DOOR NOW?? – outfit. 😉 xoxo
    Thalia!! Hiii, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it, these colors seem to work very well, I love them too ❤
    Aww Tomoyoooo 🙂 It doeeeeeees, when mixed with earthy similar tones, I love softer pink shades !!!..and YAY for Vday! Coming soon <333

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