Street Boho.

haihaihaihai! >.< Ok, so I’ve been looking through my ‘closet’ to see if I could find a boho.ish tunic that I have actually neglected or haven’t worn in a long time. Once I *finally* found it, I thought about putting together a cute little boho look. Something also warm and unpretentious! I couldn’t leave this jacket in the closet, since it took me forever to mod it and because I love it, why not wear it again?…I have a similar one in rl and I always go back to wearing it over and over and I’m never sick of it.  I was also invited by Rosemary Galbraith to check Cupcakes! skins, to my surprise (and shame) I had never checked them and I was happily surprised. There is a new skin line called ‘lovespell’ but this one caught my little eyes and of course I was right. I love the face! It has a more grown up look (in comparison to lyla) but fresh and young looking so I decided to make a little change from my last posts and I really feel comfortable wearing it. Cute! What can I say…Anyways, hope you like this look and and and..until next time..or, tomorrow I’ll leave you with this amazing Arthur Rusell song -> a little lost 😉 ❤ Uma

boho street chic

boho street chic I

Details :

Hair – ‘SpringBreeze*BROWN*’ by ((JUNWAVE))

Skin – ‘Celebrity / Vanilla – Autumn’ by CUPCAKES!

Jacket – ‘Leather bomber jacket – dark brown/beige’ by *Muism*

Scarf – ‘Donna Brown Scarf (Chest)’ by B@R

Tunic – ‘Aztec Jewel Tunic purple’ by .::SM::.

Top (under) – ‘Barfight Brenda Tank Undershirt’ by *Thimbles*

Jeans – ‘overall yoyoribbon denim’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Boots – ‘Girls’ Biker Boots – Brown’ by Redgrave


6 thoughts on “Street Boho.

  1. Lyssa says:

    I was just at Junwave looking for that hair you’re wearing and was NOT surprised to find about a dozen other people there looking for the same thing, Springbreeze! haha, just shows what an effect you have on peoples buying decisions. Keep up the great work!!

    oh and do you have a landmark for SM?

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww, LYSSA!!!! eheh, I blame the hair designer for that..I’m just a mere ‘vehicle’. 😉 but this hair is aaaaawwwwwwesssssssomes. >.< omg! About SM, I recall buying this tunic at creator’s pavillion in a small..small shop. I tracked down designer name and grabbed the slurl to what apparently seems like his mainstore. Also, I do have to point out, this tunic is gorgeous but alphas can be tricky AND…there is no ‘pants’ layer (not sure he updated it), so I had to edit it slightly (making it bigger) so it would work for me. 🙂 here’s the slurl
    Thank you linka ❤ ❤

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    It’s super cute !! Wish there were more like these in sl, well there are but different.
    Thank you Emy!! ^^ and yes, everything’s ok, hope it is with you aswell MUAHS!!<3

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