Cuts Across the Land

Been a long time since I haven’t blogged yeah? lol. Joke >.< and not a funny one! Well, there’s so much we can do with this blog addiction, especially when we keep being bombarded by new (and awesome) releases. It will always suck you in…and bring you back!..This time being no different, Tesla new ‘Kensington boots’ are too good, to be passed (or blogged) unnoticed. Apart from the obvious (and the usual) high quality we’re used to and the special attention on details, it’s the height of these boots that I really like. Aoharu’s new releases are also the reason I’ve decided to put this together and choose brown tones again. On a small note (and totally different subject) I’ve always been a fan of The duke spirit (band I used to play when I pretended I was a dj and that I think its really underrated) so if you feel like listening to the same just click over there. xoxo ❤ Uma


brownie I

Details :

Skin – ‘Melinda 6k’ by *Mayden couture*

Hair – ‘Pretty Boy – Brown Tones’ (slightly edited the bangs longer) by (VW)

Jacket – ‘TailoredJacket_Beige’ by Aoharu

Shirt – ‘StripeShirt_Ivory 2’ by Aoharu

Belt – ‘Dark brown leather belt’ by *Reale*

Pants – ‘Jeans *moss*’ by Zaara

Bag – ‘VAIN-bag-BROWN’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Boots – ‘Kensington *bronze* Boots’ by Tesla


6 thoughts on “Cuts Across the Land

  1. MERCEDES Fellini says:

    Hello Uma,

    Another out standing look and this is an outfit I would wear myself in RL.

    The snow is still in the UK but hopefully it will all melt soon. The boots, jeans and belt I have similar in RL, Love it.


  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww, Thank you Mercedes<3, yes, I would too.
    sometimes I blog things that we can actually wear in rl. ehe xoxo
    Anaaaaaa…will be ready soon 😉 ❤
    linka, true true, just cause they’re so awesome. I don’t have many boots like this in sl, I rather go for ankle boots or just flats but these are definitely a must have. Thank you muahs!!

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