Possibly maybe.

I have been secretly wearing this shirt forever and ever in world! I don’t really know why, maybe I’m in a more basic/discrete mood lately. Vests have also been a big obsession of mine so I decided I’d bring you…nothing really new but a look that will always work. Wether you choose to wear your  skinny jeans, or take off the vest, or try a different hair. I mean, you can’t go wrong, but there are some details on this outfit that just give it a little something, namely the scarf (a re-designed version of Polina’s ‘carre de soie’) and Kookie’s ‘ella petite’ flats. The ribbon and ‘cameo’ like details on these just give it a unique and sweet look! They’ll be for sale soon <3! All in all I found this to be a cute, classic look I decided to share with you while listening to this tune! Make sure you click on that!! ❤ Uma

possibly maybe

possibly maybe I

possibly maybe II

Details :

Hair – ‘The Introvert – Brown Tones’ by (VW)

Skin –  ‘Melinda 4K’ by *Mayden couture* (store opens  on the 10th)

Shirt – ‘BT_StripeShirt_White’ by Aoharu

Scarf – ‘Carre de soie Vert’ by (P-K)

Vest – ‘Cambridge Knit Vest – Black’ by Armidi/Gisaci

Belt –  ‘CroppedPants_Belt’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘WOOL PANTS-morning’ by LeLutka/Cachet

Shoes – ‘Ella Petite flats Noir’ by Kookie (will be for sale soon)

Bag – ‘Forest Print Bag [[Study]]’ by =IZUMIYA=

8 thoughts on “Possibly maybe.

  1. Emy Aker says:

    I’d have said the same things about the belt and the shoes. Even if it’s a look a little more casual that the other ones, I also think there’s really something special 😉 I’m listenning to the song you linked, I’m not suprise, it is calm and quiet as you seem to be =p xo xo <33

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yeah its a bit different from what I usually do here, but I’m glad you saw what I did Emy, ehe and you’re definitely right, I was in a very quiet chilled mood. 😀 ❤
    Thank you Anemysk!! ^^ This skin has definitely become a favorite, if it was a little paler I dont think I’d wear lyla anymore ehe.
    Annah<3 ^^ I’m addicted to this shirt lately, wear it with everything, funny how simple things can make us happy 😉 thank you xoxo

  3. Anemysk says:

    Yes Uma… I just took a closer look at both skins on your pics. Lyla is little more define and Melinda is very soft. Lips looks very similar. And I think, I prefer chick bones on Lyla. I really like Lazolli sinks as well… but I am not sure about the lips on them.

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    It’s true, ehe, I got what you meant. I love lyla, thats definitely my favorite and for which I did my shape but this one has become a favorite aswell. I’d like to see it in a paler tone but hopefully we will. Lazolli’s are awesome aswell, but what I really love about them its the rad make ups 😉 ehe. Thanks for feedback Anemysk xoxo

  5. Cathleen says:

    Notre famille a complètement délaissé les légumes en conserve et nous consommons que des légumes frais ou congelés. La fait de pouvoir décider de la quantité de légumes à décongeler et ne pas être obligé d’ouvrir et utiliser une conserve au complet nous plaît éÃnrmn©meot.De plus, nous trouvons que ça goûte plus frais et plus naturel que des légumes en conserve.

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