*Mayden couture* . Melinda skins

woo…Mayden Couture is opening it’s doors as soon as 10th of february, but I couldn’t resist showing you a little teaser of Melinda skin! How cute is this face?..God!..It’s just not about the face but also about the make up for me. The first thing I noticed on this skin? lips. Plum, glossy beautiful lips. Second : eyeshadow. From smoky, to shiny metallic, shimmery, more pink, more blue, cateye…You choose, but I’m almost sure it will be hard. There’s 8 different make ups to choose from and 2 different skin tones, though they don’t difer much one from the other, I’m showing you the lighter one. This one still being slightly ‘tanned’, not the best for pale lovers. However, perfect for me and I fell for it as soon as I tried it. Mayden Couture will not only sell at least 3 lines of skins, but also a clothing line, so I’m pretty sure it will open its doors in style and I’m sure you’ll want to check it out! xoxo ❤ Uma

mayden - melinda

melinda skins

Details :

Skins . ‘Melinda’ By *Mayden couture*

Shirt by P-K (upcoming line)


Hello everyone! ❤ if you’re a frequent reader, you know there are a couple of stores I never stop blogging. Most of them being asian, since I’m a serious fan of their work/creativity. With that in mind (and my jacket obsession), I decided I’d do 3 different looks, sporting the tweed jackets from dp yumyum and a couple of other asian creator’s pieces I had in invo, like bp’s skirt, kurotsubaki pants or aoharu shirt. Also, I decided to sport my favorite hairs atm. Vintage as you may know by VintageWear (awesome shades!) has released the so awaited new hair line, and ‘London import’ and ‘runway compound’ are definitely my personal favorites. !lamb’s ‘lovetones’ is also one I won’t take for some time (blogged on previous post)! So, between going back and forth with changing hair and clothes I’ve put together these 3 (slightly different) looks, having the tweed jacket as inspiration. What a better way to start the week than knowing what to wear? ❤ Uma


variation I

Details :

2nd pic . left to right

Hair – ‘lovetones – butterfinger’ by !lamb

Skin – ’03b Pale Skin -Leona- / *softpink’ by *REDGRAVE*

Jacket – ‘ tweed jacket plain beige’ by  dp yumyum

Sweater – ‘ turtle neck/morning’ by Cachet

Skirt – ‘*oldfashioned chidori skirt/houndstooth’ by *BP*

Socks –  ‘knee highs gray’ by Corduroy

Shoes – ‘high oxfords *gold*’ by Tesla

2nd look.

Hair – ‘London Import – Black natural’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘*Kathrin 013(lime party)’ by Lazolli

Jacket – ‘Tweed Jacket : green (check) + T’ by dp yumyum

Shorts – ‘corduroy half pants (brown)’ by kurotsubaki

Scarf – ‘scarf 3’ by tonktastik

Shoes – ‘woman dockers – white leather’ by Hoorenbeek

3rd look.

Hair – ‘runway compoud – brown tones – cool brown’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redrave

Jacket – ‘ tweed jacket plain brown’ by dp yumyum

Vest – ‘dietrich vest 2 grayscale1’ by cachet

Shirt – ‘stripeshirt white’ by Aoharu

Jeans – ‘lowrise jeans original [jet]’ by Armidi

Boots – ‘After HR boots’ by Five Minutes After

Gloves – ‘ lace gloves’ by picnic