The Grasshopper

Waking up this morning to 3 little chapeau tres mignon gifts, was reason enough to make my day, and come back to blog! *stretches* Good morning everyone!!!…This was an outfit I was putting together yesterday, quite simple but I adore the colors. The top is my favorite piece,  Krisha is the owner of Dollita, the store is open but doesn’t have much up yet, but when she sent me this top I really liked it, it’s super cute, hopefully she’ll work on more and I’ll keep an eye on it. The grasshopper hat is amazing, I have always been a fan of Chapeau Tres Mignon, probably my favorite hat store and to celebrate spring, Megg Demina has created a new collection and re-built her store! You must check it out, these hats are absolutely divine! ❤ Uma

the grasshopper

the grasshopper I

Details :

Hair – ‘Cherry – Kit Kat’ by !lamb

Hat – ‘grasshopper hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Jacket – ‘MIMIcoat – morning’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Top – ‘Dolcevita top’ by Dollita

Skirt – (part of) ‘cotton mini dress – green’ by Kyoot

Leggings – ‘leggings/grayscale 1’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Venus sandals sleek noir’ by *HUB*

Namasté Zaara

I have been awaiting to see Zaara’s new pieces released! Impatiently I may say, since her mastery on each creation and her textures have made me a fan since day one. How could I not resist putting an outfit together with her Inka jacket? …Nuu, I couldn’t. It’s again, beautifully done, something we can always expect from Zaara and somewhat a translation into our modern days of what we can see in her ‘traditional’ work. ❤ ❤ ❤ it! Also, I am so happpppyyy, lamb keeps working on new hair, and has been since day one and we can only confirm the skills and how yummy and refreshing they are. YAY! A fav again! This one will be released later today at a place we so well know 😉 AND..though I haven’t  gone very ethnic/boho here, which I could easily go for, but there are definitely small details that of course are inspired by it and I hope you like it! Have a great weekend ❤ Uma!


inka I

Details :

Hair – ‘Cherry – kit kat’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘chanel – bubble’ by Glance

Scarf – ‘Long Scarf Champagne’ by Maitreya

Jacket – ‘Inka jacket grey’ by Zaara

Top – ‘Beater tank top in grey’ by [VG] (not available atm)

Pants – ‘Galife Pants Black’ by -SG-

Belt by Last Call (no longer available)

Bag – ‘NY@Night tote bag’ by JCNY

Shoes – ‘Frenzy – dangerous’ by Maitreya

Listening to : talvin singh – ‘Light’

‘Natalie’ . New Tulilicious!

Haiiii everyone! I know most of you know already about Tuli’s new release, these will probably be seen all over the feeds and blogs because the quality is no doubt, undeniable and I just couldn’t resist let you see with your own eyes. Hopefully the pictures will do them justice *crosses fingers*. Last time Tuli sent me some skins, I failed to review them, because others did and they do it much better than I do. Not being english has its downfalls but I speak with the heart here, and I am truly in love with these skins. Tuli hit perfection in my estimation here, all the skin tones are, flawless. If you’re looking for skins that truly look softly real, then you *MUST* check these. From the darkest tone to the *gothic* which is the paler of all, again, the word that comes to my mind, without wanting to repeat myself is flawless. There is no weird shading or shine on these, the face is delicate and the make ups natural/real looking, from the fact she offers tintable eyebrows to each body detail, there is nothing to say about these rather!. I don’t know what else to say, they’ll be released on 28th of february, like what, tomorrow for me?..Do check them ❤ Uma




Details :

(last pic from left to right)

‘Natalie (gothic) 10b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (tan) 08b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (dark) 09b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (sunkissed) 07a’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (pale) 02b’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (exotic) 06a’ by Tuli

‘Natalie (light) 03b’ by Tuli

Hair – ‘Piper II’ by Maitreya

and of course, they’re too many for me too show all and…

I’ll fail to put credits of the lingerie and shoes but will update it soon..

…its just too late 4:39am to be precise>.<! ❤

Pop the glock

<3! I’m trying to keep up with the blog and will try until the end of this week but from next monday on, I won’t be around much and from next thursday on, I won’t be here at all (for a week at least). Getting ready to go to the us, and I’m freaking out. LOL. 14 hours plane…is…driving me insane I can’t hardly breathe. Howeveeeeer, I’m still here right now and today I decided to dress ‘up’ a little bit, well surely different from last post. It’s simple but the pieces work together just fine, I love love love this Michami shirt, with the puff sleeves and wrapped ‘scarf’, the pants with the highskirt belt from Maitreya also seemed perfect to give it a highwaisted pants look. I ❤ highwaisted skirts and  pants in rl too so…<3 <3! It’s still pretty simple, I didn’t want to layer it much and I really like the look..hope you do too ! ❤ Uma

pop the glock

pop the glock I

Details :

Hair – ‘Mademoiselle (caramel)’ by DEJAVU (not for sale yet)

Skin – ‘Phoebe (pale) 008 – Hot Cherry’ by //Lazolli//

Glasses – ‘Mom glasses (classic tortoise)’ by (Yummy)

Shirt – (part of) ‘Joanie in Beige & Blue’ outfit by MichaMi

Belt – (part of) ‘Highskirt in raven’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘*Special Edition shoulder bag in black’ by +plus

Pants – ‘WOOL pants in black’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Shoes ‘Mishima dawn – shiny tan’ by Maitreya

Listening to Pop the glock

We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it

Ok, bear with me.  First I had no patience to do anything but the basic to the pictures, second I will spam your little butt with lots of them. For some reason that has no explanation but being a fortunate coincidence I keep bumping into new down vests. I blogged some before and today I returned to a little store I have been some time ago, called +*+Laba-Laba+*+ and there they were. I’ve never seen these and they’re really awesome. First they’re a real bargain, 30L each and they fit perfectly! I’ve decided to put together two sporty outfits with them, nothing really over the top, just so I could showcase them. Anyways, I had previous put together another outfit, so this post will (again) be a 3 in one. The first two actually have something to do with each other while the 3rd is completely out of the context but…ya know, that’s how I like it. Diversity. It has however something in comon since the cardigan is also from Laba-Laba and again costs 30L. There’s other colors too but you can check for yourselves if you happen to be in a shop smart mood. MUAHS! ❤ Uma

thrill of it

thrill of it I

Details : Hair – ‘Spring Breeze (browns)’ by ((JUNWAVE)) .  Skin – ’07 Sole Green_Gold’ by *YourSkin* . Hat – ‘color changing cap’ by Art Lago .  Headphones – ‘Retro Hipster Headphones’ by (NO) . Vest – ‘Down Vest (black/white)’ by +*+Laba-Laba+*+ . Pants – ‘Sport Stylez’ by F.A.T. Designz . Sneakers ‘Superstars black/white’ by SOREAL . Belt – ‘Nintendo belt’ by Eishtendo!

thrill of it II

thrill of it III

Details : Hair – ‘Poof hair (blondes)’ by Magika . Vest – ‘Down Vest (green/white)’ by +*+Laba-Laba+*+’  . Top – ‘Savoir turtleneck top silver blue’ by Maitreya . Belt – ‘:::Sole Bend POACH BELT ::: (lemon)’ by Sole Accessory . Pants – ‘Wide Leg Pants’ by FTV .  shoes – ‘slipons’ (free)’ by Ordinary

classic sporty

classic sporty I

Details : Hair – ‘Faye (caramel)’ by Maitreya . Hat – ‘Hunting cap (grey)’ by Apollon . Jacket – ‘border cardigan white/blue’ by +*+Laba-Laba+*+ . Sweater – ‘Turtleneck+Vneck Sweater – tin’ by *Muism* – Sleeves – ‘savoir turtleneck top silver blue’ by Maitreya . Suspenders – ‘new school suspenders’ (color change) by { Kari } . Shorts – ‘Tweed Half Pants (grey)’ by MNK*Shop . Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders *clean white*’ by Pig . Shoes – ‘barcelona slingbacks (prussian blue)’ by Armidi.

Listening to Walking on a dream

Sockage mit suspenders !

I ❤ socks, just as much as I ❤ hats!…I had some friends pointing that out (you know who you are van</3) , even before I noticed I actually wore a lot of socks in a lot of outfits I put together! Appy has spoiled us (groupie peoplezz) with 2 pairs of  socks (mit suspenders) a few ago, and I couldn’t wait to tell you, that she’s actually gonna put them for sale, and OMG, there’s a bunch of colours to choose from!…These are so awesomeeeeeee!… So awesome, that I’ve seen a couple of my bwoi friends sporting them and I felt jealous, (little did I know I actually had them in my invo) and had to ask ‘omg, where did you get them?’…Izzy knows Lol. I’m dumb. Anyways, I’m a sock person myself, and I wouldn’t feel right not blogging them, I am so in love I don’t wanna wear any pants, I just need my socks! I ❤ you apatia, and thank you! lol. ❤ Uma


sockaholic I

sockaholic II

Details :  (omg…i may screw things up)

1st pic :

‘pin up – burgundy patent’ by stilleto moody . ‘Strawberry socks’ by PIG

‘Verve violet’ by Maitreya . ‘Lilac socks’ by PIG

‘frenzy dangerous ‘ .  ‘cranberry socks’ by PIG

2nd pic :

‘Frenzy banana – tawny’ by Maitreya . ‘orange socks’ by PIG

‘Lime lights – pink suede’ by Maitreya . ‘Seafom socks’ by PIG

‘Dalia pumps orange’ by Armidi – ‘Blue socks’ by PIG

3rd pic :

‘ella flats – red’ by Kookie Lemon . ‘Dark gray socks’ by PIG

‘Pretties by JB – Ohlala saphire’  . ‘clear white socks” by PIG

‘london flats – brown’ by [Detour]’ . ‘goldenrod socks’ by PIG

Blue Monday

XD It’s hat week, or maybe not. At least I know me and Nil have been ‘covering’ Apollon’s hats. They’re just too good and different looks with them are always interesting to see (and share). I think we found the store at the same time and because I like to think great minds think alike, we noticed they were totes worth/interesting to blog. However, I’m a hat girl therefore, not impartial. This comes with the one I blogged yesterday, so when you buy you get two for the price of one. Good eh? Yesterday Irie was kind enough to send me some SMS pieces through my brother, 😉 so I grab this chance to thank her. The first dress that  cought my eyes was this one, a spring like denim dress that I absolutely adored and I  immediately knew what I’d be wearing today. So Many Styles is a great, eclectic store, where you can find almost anything and no doubt something that will suit you. ❤ Uma

Blue Monday

Blue Monday I

Details :

Hair – ‘Faye – Caramel’ by Maitreya

Skin – ‘Lovespell – HONEY – candy freckles’ by Cupcakes

Hat – ‘Homburg Hat/Chidori’ by Apollon

Dress – ‘jeans dress’ by So Many Styles

Sweater – ‘Striped Sweater (white)’ by Amerie’s Naughty

Boots – ‘Soho boots special Ed. brown’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘sculpty bag – suede ‘chocolate’ by (MB)

Corsage – ‘sculpted pearl rose corsage’ by SwallowTail

Listening to BLUE MONDAY