”Ready For The Floor”

Again, I’m back doing one of my favorite things, two different looks that I’d (personally) wear, both during the day and on a night out. Ok, one is more like a funky meets street cool and the other a more indie.punk.rock night out look! I’m still not over the fact I can now wear short and different hair styles like mohawks or this one from a.C with Leona skin. Yay for that!..I’ll prolly not be on as much the rest of the weekend so another reason I do a two in one 😉 xoxo Have a great one ❤ Uma

day and night

day and night I

Details :

(left outfit)

Hair : STD.GloXhair EROTIC.cyber [beach] by a.C Studios

Skin – ’09a pale skin – leona *magenta hair* by Redgrave

Scarf – ‘BigRidiculous scarf-knit/eggplant’ by Tokeo.Plastik

Jacket – ‘cardigan_green’ by *calmera*

Shirt – ‘Shirt H5 for women (pansy)’ by Ce Cubic

Pants – ‘Jodhpu (noir)’ (not for sale yet) by Polina Kaestner

Belt – ‘ V-ShapedBelt (purple) – silver’ by *COCO*

Sneakers – ‘athlete sneakers – brown/orange ‘ by Redgrave

Shades – ‘urban shades – metal (clear) by Vintage Wear

(2nd Look)

Jacket – ‘Inferno black jacket’ by b@r

Dress – ‘Chunky Knit – mist gray’  by MALT Fashions

Leggings – ‘Leggings/grayscale (3)’ By Cachet

Earring – ‘Earring Dianni a (gold L)’ by =DeLa*=

Belt – ‘WideBelt(Embossing)_black’ by *COCO*

Boots – ”heavy metal charcoal and silver’ by Royal BLue

10 thoughts on “”Ready For The Floor”

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yes, it does London 😀 first redgrave skin having it..so good! I wish it had different hair base colors, but, I’m happy it has at least (blonde) ONE! ❤
    Haiiii thank yoooouuuu corduroy<3.. 😉 muahs

  2. Emy Aker says:

    OMG I’m totally inlove with the 2nd look *o* ❤
    This hairstyle suits you so good that’s amazing!
    Love the belt too btw 😀 Xo xo sweet heart <33

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    \o/ Ari!! Thank you!!! I like this skin a lot ❤ *pokes donald duck* lol.
    Awww, Emy Merci 😉 eheh, it’s more like a rock-chic like one, I think it definitely works with this hair. Im in love with it. Also, *COCO* ‘s belts are amazinggggggg! That store has great stuff, perfect for going bankrupt ehe.<3
    linka!!! Thank you so much ^^ I’m happy you like it too, ehe, I think the hair its what gives that edgy look. xoxo ^^

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