I’m a, I’m a, a Diva!

Hai’yall! Ahhhh, been waiting to make a beyoncé – DIVA inspired outfit, but it’s funny how the translation of it in sl, becomes so…simple! However, I’ve been approached by Kristen pick who so kindly (and after reading my last post) made me these Diva shades. So damn, I was not only surprised and flattered but truly thankful by her gesture. I love them! If you’d like to have these, just IM her in world, I’m positive she’ll send you a copy (since she’s not putting them up for sale). Now, the outfit itself is pretty simple, instead of wearing a simple white tank I chose new aoharu ‘drapery dress’ top, (which just need a little editing on the top prim) to just make it a little more interesting. Hair is ‘domina’ by coif, and I just took the bangs off and edited it to fit as I thought suitable. Basically I just had fun snapping pictures while listening to the song. woot woot, Beyoncé fever! ❤ Uma

diva is a female version of a hustlah


Diva’s details :

Hair – ‘Domina – brown’ (mod by me) by Coif

Skin – ‘LondonSunKissed-makeup2b’ by Le Lutka

Shades – ‘”Fierce Diva” Tassle Shades’ by Kristen Pick

Jacket – ‘BomberJacket(Black)’ by *COCO*

Top – (part of drapery dress) ‘BT_DraperyBlouse_Ivory’  by AOHARU

Jeans – ‘Grace Jeans – Faded Chic’ by Armidi

Shoes – ‘Schoo black’ by Aw Designs