Bunny love..or is it?..mm. <3

Awww. I didn’t plan to come back so fast, I’m not the kind that blongs every five minutes, (thought I do try to blog everyday, after all this is a style DIARY!)..but I didn’t resist it (after being told by a friend about this week’s scd secrets). This is for the bunny haters who I personally thank for the little extra push. I was going to do it (eventually) but after reading the secrets I couldn’t help it. Also, I have a thing (or two) to say about personal attacks and about all the stupid drama around…see if sl isn’t supposed to be fun, I’d expect that it would be, at the very least, a ‘place’ to make a difference (or where we could make a difference?). Apparently it’s not! It’s just another useful way for people to talk crap about others on their back and not be up front about it, which only shows *your* character! Be it because of jealousy, personal business/matters, frustration or not have anything more productive to do with their (your) time, it is, indeed sad to see. The problem isn’t about speaking your mind, but making it public (bringing third parties to the case) and MOSTLY being coward enough to hide behind their words and not showing your true ‘face’! This isn’t personal of course, I don’t really know what’s going on, because for the most part, I try not to..though, after seeing gogo’s post about it I just couldn’t help it. I’m not a close friend, nor we hang out at same places or with same people, but I take it as an example and a chance to speak my mind about this (and trust me I’ve been trying not to, or avoiding it for a long time). Please, for the sake of sl community, try to deal with your personal problems..alone. Change your way of thinking/acting in this ‘small’ place. What’s really important here?…Life’s too short! Also, I so wanna see these glasses in sl. lol. >_>  ❤ Uma

bunny look

What is bunny wearing? :O

Avi – csr – *yumyum* stoory of a bunny gray

Hair – mms hair – ashley white

Dress – [ u:ka ] – follow the nightingale (midnight)

Scarf – **aC::Studios:: Scarf Black white list

Boots – ‘tosl ‘sweater wellies v1.5 candy floss

Mouth treat – Hanauta – icecandy =choco=

Bowl (head) – [ lurveBite ] ‘bow of cereal (lucky chair gift)

Cake chair by Uri Collas

9 thoughts on “Bunny love..or is it?..mm. <3

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    *snaps bunneh fingers* of course i’m cuuuuuuuutes!!! 😉 .. I love this avi, if I couldn’t choose any other gift from csr, I had to this one at least. I’m glad you like guys ^^ Thank you quenquen, and munky ^^
    Aww Heidi! Bunnies in children’s books are never enough but I’d be the first bunneh that doesn’t like carrots. :O
    ehe, thank yooou corduroy *bunneh kisses*!!!<3
    Molly, but but I want them :/ if she can see I could aswell!! I want them! lol.

  2. Lolaa Michalski says:

    I love that Beyonce music video. Those glasses are fierce, but I don’t want you smacking yourself in the eye, bebecakes! D:

    *Pinches your bunneh’s nose*

  3. Emy Aker says:

    This bunny is SO cute!!
    Punk, fashion, bobo, bunny girl… still amazing haha
    What are you thinking for the next look..?
    I’m really impatient so see that! lol
    Xo xo on your lovely bunny cheeks =3

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    eheh, Lolaa, check new post! I GOTS THEM shades hustlah! *mmm this is not bunneh talk btw* ❤ I haven’t smacked myself in the eye, YET ❤
    Aww Emy, ehe, I know weird moods lately! 😀 I’m happy you like bunnehhh!! *shakes bunneh bum* 😉 ❤

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