Andro Punk

Hai everyone!! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend and stuff. Lol.  I bet you have to look at the name in this post to figure out who the hell is it. Well, it’s yours truly, recently ‘shaved head’ uma. 😉 As all of you may know, Leona is out. A lot of fuzz around this new Redgrave release, there isn’t much more to say about it. There is no doubt the face is beautiful, that it’s good to see new and improved changes in this release,  but GOD…I’ve had this abyss mohawk (actually I had it in brown) kept waiting in my invo for the day I’d see redgrave release a skin with hair!..and damn right, it’s here! <3! I have to say I’d like to see different color ‘hair’  but I’m already happy I have at least this option. Now on to this outfit, it’s  a very punkish look, I’ve been planning to put together for some time now. My favorite piece in this outfit is definitely Gritty Kitty’s vest. Don’t be fooled by ‘built for men’ info on the add. It’s not also resizable, but color change. There’s 9 different colors to choose from and this was just my chosen one. Also, Mai Runo has just released these new boots and when it comes to ‘engineer boots’, [0N] are the best at it. Muahs, enjoy the rest of your weekend! ❤ Uma

andro punk

andro punk I

Details :

Hair – ‘Dystopia – Medium Blonde’ by <TheAbyss>

Skin -’03a Pale Skin -Leona- / *softpink hair ‘ by Redgrave

Vest – ‘Retro Winter Vest’ by Gritty Kitty

Top – ‘BabyGrow Top – Red’ by TY Zvezda

Under – ‘WRAP SHIRT/gray’ by Cachet

Jeans – ‘Lowrise Jeans Original [Jet] 1’ by Armidi ltd.

wrapped hoodie  – ‘maki2  hoodie_v3 [check] 9color-long’  by :sey

Boots – ‘Wo Boots’ by [0N]

14 thoughts on “Andro Punk

  1. Abra Exonar says:

    You look fantastically punk!! Totally pulled this off and it’s a really masculine look, but the balance you’ve kept is great- still feminine too! Yay! <33

  2. Emy Aker says:

    Waoowww it’s so different than what we used to see until now!
    I love it, especially the pull around the chest! So cool!
    And whatever your hairstyle is, you always look great!
    Actually everything’s in the face! lol Amazing! =p
    Xo xo c ya soon my jewels lover \o/ <33

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Polina, aww, I ❤ Redgrave, well, Lyla has been my main skin for a while now, try this one, 😉 I’m sure you’ll look lovely. ^^
    Stella, oh my, they’re so so so so amazing, Mai’s boots have always been my fav engineer ones, this new release only adds to it. They’re really great and well made. 😀
    Awww Abra<3, I think it’s slightly masculine, with the shaved head and mohawk and all, but at same time, the face does help for that feminine touch. This skin is too pretty, I’m glad you like it, and your words always make me happy. ^~ Thank you!
    Emyyy!! I know, I have been in a very, ‘offbeat’ mood, so I’m doing slightly different looks from what I’m used to. Awww, you’re always too kind! Thank you ^^

  4. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    AHH. I’m not used to seeing you 1/2 botak (translation: bald) 😛
    anyways I cant find leona in the redgrave mainstore when I went there just an hour ago? Is it supposed to be released today? thanks!

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Tomoyo!! ehe, me either, but I’m liking the shaved hair look. 😉 Leona is out already, it’s where the previous one was. right when you walk in, in the center on the left…<3

  6. munky says:

    oh wow, u look awesome!! 😀 my fav part of the outfit is the wrapped hoodie and the gritty kitty vest! 😀 and u look like u came from england! 😀 lol cuz of the whole punk thing. 😀

  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Glad you like the look Munky, I can see what you mean, since London was famous for all the punk wave ehe, I haven’t thought about it before though, 😉 You should check the hoodie, it’s awesome and also texture change like gritty kitty’s vest!! So good ^^

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