retro yoyo ballerina!

ok, lets play pretend! So you ask me ‘what brings you back to blogging?’..and the answer is very simple (and obvious too)! A yoyo!!! I *really* tried hard to take a good picture of my yoyo skills, but it proved to be a mission impossible! However, I am totally addicted to this yoyo! I have always been a fan of yoyos, they were the shizz when I was 7/8/9? years old. Seriously!..It brought back a lot of memories, especially the ones when I remember not knowing how to do tricks with it. Guess what? now I can. At least in sl. ❤ ! This whole look was inspired by this yoyo, its funny what triggers me to blog or put clothes together. This is a very simple(ish) look, a retro inspired cute one if I may say so. I am not usually a ‘flower print’ girl, in sl or rl at all. I stay away from flower prints as much as I can, but I totally love this gigi boho dress. Yes, its a dress (!!) but I chose to wear it as a high waisted puffy skirt and wear that ‘old’ and awesome emery leather fitted jacket and voilá!..Now back to yoyos, lol, check Scribble make sure you choose your favorite color, lets line up and yoyo till we fall asleep. Muahs ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Noce white pack’ by {fascino}

Skin – ’01 Lyla Pale Skin / *natural’ by Redgrave

headband – by me/toastface  (not for sale yet but soon)

Glasses – ‘Mom Glasses – Classic Tortoise’ by (yummy)

Jacket – (part of) ‘ringleader of the tormentors – biker jacket’ by Emery

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Tropic Floral Rouged Dress’ by GiGi Couture

Leggings – ‘LEGGINGS/grayscale _3’ by Cachet

Socks – ‘Prim Sock Rosy’ by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘ ChiChi Pumps Pastel Green’ by Maitreya

Bracelet – ‘(CS) lily bangle’ by creamshop

YOYO – ‘Cloud Pets Candy YoYo (Bubblegum)’ by ~Scribble~

11 thoughts on “retro yoyo ballerina!

  1. Verinne says:

    Ah, those shoes are my favorite color x3
    Also, I was wondering if it would be too much to ask where your shape is from 😀
    I adore the face with the rockberry skins~

  2. Channen Gossipgirl says:

    Uma, dear….when do you sleep? I mean seriously, you are giving bloggers like me a bad name. hahaha

    Regardless, I love this look and the last one and the one before that but I haven’t the chance to comment. You are looking pretty fly, fyi!

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Verinne! Hai and thank you, my favorite color aswell!!! ^^ I love baby blue! ❤ ..its supposed to be «pastel green» I say baby blue! lol. About the shape, I did it myself, it is of course, something people say its ‘sacred’! Well it is, Its what defines us, though skins nowadays change our shape more than I’d like to. Having said that, I can think of at least two great shape makers (in my opinion) one being Carissa Crimson and the other Gogo Being mod you can choose the right one for you and tweak it to what you feel its better. Check check. xoxo Uma
    Channen<3! mmm, never? 😉 I’m a night owl and just lucky I can be (for now?). 😉 Just having too much fun playing paperdoll. Thank youuuuu<3 muahs

  4. Abra Exonar says:

    Uma, haha!! I have a black Scribble yoyo and you know, I’m not that good at it!! Will you teach me? I srsly need some help! hahaha. I love the look by the way, you are totes working the floral girl! Wooo…! <33

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Abra!! Aww lol. I’ll show you some tricks 😉 lol. Not drunk though!!..>_< Floral for a day, ehe, I’m glad you like it <33

  6. Munky says:

    i loove ur hair, ur headband, loove the sunnies (soo veryy cool!) and loove the gigi couture skirt! 😀

  7. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahah, Munky!!! 😀 thank youuu!! I wasn’t so sure about whether to post it or not, I’m glad you like it!
    ❤ Emy, yay!! ehe, The skirt reminds me of those 70s flower prints, vintagey like or re-designed, ehe!! Muahs, thank you 😉

  8. Emy Aker says:

    For sure it reminds me the same thing I really think every piece of each looks is uncredibly chosen. There’s nothing more, and nothing less either! =)))) ❤

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