Need a hair fix?

Friday!!! YAY! That means…mm, party!! Anyways, I just came back for a hair fix. Only for the ones who don’t know *mikan yet!…Cute little hair store, I bring you my favorite 4! ❤ mikan is neighbours with sugar cube, which I visit once in a while. I  love that little store. So if you don’t know *mikan yet, why don’t you step by?…The hairs are super cheap (70/80L), however there aren’t many colors to choose from. There is only blonde for the straight one, though the ‘bob’ comes with three different bangs. It’s like ‘one of a kind’ thing, lets leave it at that. My personal fav is the long, puffy chestnut one!! However, I’ve mod some because really whatever I can mod, I mod! Let’s say its a personal touch.  Have a great weekend!! ❤ Uma


*mikan* I

1st pic :

‘okkapa bob1 straight’ / ‘straight medium lenghth’ by *mikan

2nd pic :

‘long rough chestnut’ / ‘hairy short bob’ by *mikan

*skins by Lazolli . hoodie by ARAI . tshirt by me/toastface


5 thoughts on “Need a hair fix?

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    awww, Thank yooooou! I really like these Lazolli make ups! They’re slightly different from what’s around, love the shiny metallic around the eyes too. ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Hi Elisabeth, these are the ‘Kathrin’ skins, specifically : Kathrin 013(lime party) and Kathrin 008(miss kathrin) ^^ and they’re indeed amazing 🙂

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